31 July 2009

The Power of a Tract

This is an account of an outing with a couple of the customer service reps from Living Waters recently. Another great testimony that tracts are a great resource for sharing your faith.

We just concluded our 11th Academy here in California a couple weeks ago and the June Academy participants are now home hopefully continuing in all that they learned.

The day they left, just to end the weekend with a bang, some of the Academy Lady Mentors and Team Leaders joined up with a team of ten others to pass out tracts and engage in one-to-ones in Hollywood at that Sunday's Gay Pride Parade.

We met up at someone's church for a time prayer before going out, then caravanned to our destination. We parked on the same street, loaded our bags and backpacks with money tracts and a specially designed tracts just for this event.

One of the leaders put a tract together that was on simple pink card stock, with what looked like wedding bells on the front with a text that read: "GOT EQUALITY?"

On the back, it talks about our American constitutional rights and equality... then continues to talk about how we all will equally be judged according to God's holy standard, the Ten Commandments, followed, of course, by the gospel message.

Nothing on the tract said anything about homosexuality, gay marriage, or the like, but those tracts flew out of our hands and in to the hands of both male and female attendees living in homosexual living styles.

Arriving early before the parade started, we began where the parade would later end and made our way toward where the parade would begin. Many of those I handed these tracts to gladly received them, having not yet read the back. And at one point my friend and I ended up breaking off from the rest of our team and hitting up everyone setting up to watch the parade. We covered the entire parade route from where it was to end to where it began and back again.

It was like nothing I have ever experienced! I didn't really stick around long enough to hear what people had to say after they read the tracts, but my friend had a couple of friendly conversations with individuals out there.

When we later met up with one of our fellow evangelists, and the others that were out there with us at the end of the day, his eyes were blood shot, having been in tears over a conversation he had had with a young lady he'd given a tract to.

She had taken the Million Dollar tract and continued on her way, but ended up sometime later coming back to him later (he had been 75 yards down from where he handing her the tract), imploring him to take the tract back. Of course he said that he would not take it back and, "We care for you that's why we give them to you."

She said, "I read the back and you're just here to condemn my homosexuality."

He said, "No ma'am. No where on there does it talk about homosexuality, nor would I speak of it to you."

She told him that he had to take that tract back because she had become very convicted by reading it and explained that she was living in a lesbian life-style.

She said, "I read the back and it talks about lusting and things of that nature."

He said, "Ma'am, that is the moral law of God."

She said, "Sir, I am a Christian. I'm a back-slidden Christian. I'm aware of my homosexuality. I have read this and I am living in a back-slidden state, but I am a Christian."

He went on to say that she needed to heed God's conviction by repenting, trusting, and committing her life to Jesus Christ alone and that God would then deliver her from that lifestyle. He was able to go through the law and the gospel with her, and told her if she was truly born again that there were many lost people around her that she could give the tract to.

She even ended up thanking him for speaking with her that way and turned and walked away with the tract. Usually we try to engage people like this, my friend was just passing out as many tracts as he could at this event and this fish came "swimming" from 75 yards back to him to "jump in to the boat" so-to-speak! THAT'S THE POWER OF A GOSPEL TRACT!

There were estimated to be thousands of attendees there that day and even though there were others passing out all kinds of other flyers, which covered the ground in certain areas of the parade route, I didn't see even one tract on the ground, and my friend and I alone passed out thousands of tracts.

The parade, of course was quite obscene at times, at which points my friend and I had to warn each other not to look at it.

So God alone knows what impact that was made and we trust in Him that His Word will not return void!

May God be glorified!

HT: Street Fishing & Living Waters

22 July 2009

Ten reasons NOT to ask Jesus into your heart.

By Todd Friel

The music weeps, the preacher pleads, “Give your heart to Jesus. You have a God shaped hole in your heart and only Jesus can fill it.” Dozens, hundreds or thousands of people who want to get their spiritual life on track make their way to the altar. They ask Jesus into their heart.

Cut to three months later. Nobody has seen our new convert in church. The follow up committee calls him and encourages him to attend a Bible study, but to no avail. We label him a backslider and get ready for the next outreach event.

Our beloved child lies in her snuggly warm bed and says, “Yes, Daddy. I want to ask Jesus into my heart.” You lead her in “the prayer” and hope that it sticks. You spend the next ten years questioning if she really, really meant it. Puberty hits and the answer reveals itself. She backslides. We spend the next ten years praying that she will come to her senses.

Telling someone to ask Jesus into their hearts has a very typical result, backsliding. the Bible says that a person who is soundly saved puts his hand to the plow and does not look back because he is fit for service. In other words, a true convert cannot backslide. If a person backslides, he never slid forward in the first place. “If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation.” (II Cor.5) No backsliding there.

Brace yourself for this one: with very few if any exceptions, anyone who asked Jesus into their hearts to be saved…is not. If you asked Jesus into your heart because you were told that is what you have to do to become a Christian, you were mis-informed.

If you have ever told someone to ask Jesus into their heart (like I have), you produced a false convert. Here is why.

1. It is not in the Bible.

There is not a single verse that even hints we should say a prayer inviting Jesus into our hearts. Some use Rev. 3:20. To tell us that Jesus is standing at the door of our hearts begging to come in.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” There are two reasons that interpretation is wrong.

The context tells us that the door Jesus is knocking on is the door of the church, not the human heart. Jesus is not knocking to enter someone’s heart but to have fellowship with His church.
Even if the context didn’t tell us this, we would be forcing a meaning into the text (eisegesis). How do we know it is our heart he is knocking at? Why not our car door? How do we know he isn’t knocking on our foot? To suggest that he is knocking on the door of our heart is superimposing a meaning on the text that simply does not exist.

The Bible does not instruct us to ask Jesus into our heart. This alone should resolve the issue, nevertheless, here are nine more reasons.

2. Asking Jesus into your heart is a saying that makes no sense.

What does it mean to ask Jesus into your heart? If I say the right incantation will He somehow enter my heart? Is it literal? Does He reside in the upper or lower ventricle? Is this a metaphysical experience? Is it figurative? If it is, what exactly does it mean? While I am certain that most adults cannot articulate its meaning, I am certain that no child can explain it. Pastor Dennis Rokser reminds us that little children think literally and can easily be confused (or frightened) at the prospect of asking Jesus into their heart.

3. In order to be saved, a man must repent (Acts 2:38).

Asking Jesus into your heart leaves out the requirement of repentance.

4. In order to be saved, a man must trust in Jesus Christ (Acts 16:31).

Asking Jesus into your heart leaves out the requirement of faith.

5. The person who wrongly believes they are saved will have a false sense of security.

Millions of people who sincerely, but wrongly, asked Jesus into their hearts think they are saved but struggle to feel secure. They live in doubt and fear because they do not have the Holy Spirit giving them assurance of salvation.

6. The person who asks Jesus into his heart will likely end up inoculated, bitter and backslidden.

Because he did not get saved by reciting a formulaic prayer, he will grow disillusioned with Jesus, the Bible, church and fellow believers. His latter end will be worse than the first.

7. It presents God as a beggar just hoping you will let Him into your busy life.

This presentation of God robs Him of His sovereignty.

8. The cause of Christ is ridiculed.

Visit an atheist web-site and read the pagans who scoff, “How dare those Christians tell us how to live when they get divorced more than we do? Who are they to say homosexuals shouldn’t adopt kids when tens of thousands of orphans don’t get adopted by Christians?” Born again believers adopt kids and don’t get divorced.

People who ask Jesus into their hearts do. Jesus gets mocked when false converts give Him a bad name.

9. The cause of evangelism is hindered.

While it is certainly easier to get church members by telling them to ask Jesus into their hearts, try pleading with someone to make today the day of their salvation. Get ready for a painful response. “Why should I become a Christian when I have seen so called Christians act worse than a pagan?” People who ask Jesus into their hearts give pagans an excuse for not repenting.

10. Here is the scary one. People who ask Jesus into their hearts are not saved and they will perish on the Day of Judgment.

How tragic that millions of people think they are right with God when they are not. How many people who will cry out, “Lord, Lord” on judgment day will be “Christians” who asked Jesus into their hearts?

So, what must one do to be saved? Repent and trust. (Heb.6:1) The Bible makes it clear that all men must repent and place their trust in Jesus Christ. Every man does have a “God shaped hole in their hearts,” but that hole is not contentment, fulfillment and peace. Every man’s heart problem is righteousness. Instead of preaching that Jesus fulfills, we must preach that God judges and Jesus satisfies God’s judgment…if a man will repent and place his trust in Him.

If you are reading this and you asked Jesus into your heart, chances are good you had a spiritual buzz for a while, but now you struggle to read your Bible, tithe, attend church and pray. Perhaps you were told you would have contentment, purpose and a better life if you just ask Jesus into your heart. I am sorry, that was a lie.

Hat Tip - Defending Contending

20 July 2009

Evangelism Tip - Handing out a Gospel Tract

One of the easiest ways to spread the good news to a lost and dying world is through a well written out Gospel tract.

A good tract will present a simple yet effective Gospel presentation that covers sin, God's Judgment, Hell, what Christ did for us on the cross and how to be made right with God.

Did you know that God used a Gospel tract to save the great missionary Hudson Taylor? George Whitefield, one of the great preachers of all time, was also saved through a Gospel tract.

If God can use a simple Gospel tract, you can too.

Gospel tracts can be placed almost anywhere. Here is a short list of the places I have put tracts.....

* In magazines at Wal-Mart
* In library books
* In hotel rooms
* In restrooms
* At restaurants
* Placed on wiper blades on cars in parking lots
* In video DVD return boxes
* In waiting rooms (doctors, dentists,etc.)
* To fast food employees at the drive through
* At gas stations pumps
* In the seat in front of you on a plane trip
* In your return bill envelope
* Phone books (look for the ads about abortion or escort services)

Almost anywhere you can think of while your out and about you can place a Gospel tract.

But, the best place you can put a Gospel tract is right smack dab in someones hand!!

You might say that you're a little shy and could never do that.....Well, I used to say that too. But you can do it!!

Here's a little tip when handing someone a tract:

Say, "Did you get one of these" as you are handing out the tract. This is the most effective way of actually getting a person to take the tract from you. The person will feel they are missing out on something if they don't take it.

When the person takes the tract you can do a couple things; you can walk away or you can engage that person in a spiritual conversation.

If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable handing someone a tract, you may want to pray for God to give you boldness and a deeper concern about the lost.

After all, what's worse....you feeling a little uncomfortable or that person spending eternity in Hell? Learn to get over your fears and develop a deep concern for the the lost and dying world around you.

If I can do this, you can do this!

On the right hand side of this blog you will see a list of places where you can buy well worded Gospel tracts. Get a few bundles of tracts and start placing placing them in creative places all over town!!

16 July 2009

Car Show Saturday - July 18th

It's the 3rd week of the month and that means people gathering to look at cars in Canton!

If you are in the neighborhood and would like to help us hand out some tracts and do a little one-on-one witnessing, please come by.

We will meet at 5:30pm between Publix and Hibbitt Sports in the Riverstone shopping area.

I have a few Million Dollar Bills left over from the 4th of July celebration so those may go quick!

11 July 2009

4th of July continued - Team member perspective - Take 3

All day long I had butterflies in my stomach.

So God reminded me of 2Timothy 1:7 – “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” And I also remembered 2 Timothy 1:8 – “So do not be ashamed to testify about our Lord…”

I thought of my concern for the lost and realized it is greater than any type of fear I may have about witnessing. The time was here, so we went ahead to meet with our group.

We joined the group, His Feet on the Street, to pray before we headed out to dare to share the good news of the gospel with others as the folks were positioning for a good spot and were waiting for the fireworks to begin. Including myself, there were two others in my group.

We started off with talking to a group of young men, a mix of 2 Americans and 4 Hispanics who were hanging out. I noticed some tattoos on some of the guys that were gang related. I knew I had to approach them. I had to speak in both languages because they did not all speak English. We had every distraction you can imagine having, but we were certain that God was working. After going back and forth with the 10 Commandments and questions and answers at least two of that group out of 6 or so understood the need to repent and surrender their lives to Christ. As we went ahead handing out bottled water with the verse of John 4:13-14 and speaking to people on the street we presented the question about where they thought they would go if they died tomorrow.

We came across a grandmother who was about 70 years old or so with her two granddaughters. We offered them some water, and a dollar track. This story touched me deeply.

The grandmother was here visiting from Argentina, and she was here because recently she had had a heart attack and was having some major health issues. She showed our group all the bruises on her body due to clotting issues. She said she didn’t think she had much longer to live and she wanted to spend sometime with her granddaughters and son who lived in Canton, GA.

She said she went to church occasionally and believed that there was a God. However, she wasn’t sure she would go to heaven or hell, but she thought if she did good deeds she possibly could go to heaven. I told her Satan believed in God and that he even went to church. I asked her if she thought Satan would go to heaven. She said she didn’t think he would go to heaven because he was evil.

I shared Ephesians 2:8,9 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.” And Titus 3:5 “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, by the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Holy Ghost;” I also shared James 2:14 What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save him? I wanted to ensure that she understood good deeds did not grant us salvation and that believing there was a God did not grant us salvation either, or a ticket to heaven.

I explained that with faith an action had to follow, an action of repentance, an action of wanting to change our ways, an action of willingly surrendering to Jesus. One may say that he believes or has faith, but the Bible says in James 2:18 “But someone will say, "You have faith; I have deeds." Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.” I told her that the kind of faith we are reminded on this verse is a faith which is required for salvation, the faith that will produce actions.

We used several analogies, about inheritance, gifts and then I asked her that if I gave her a Million dollar bill and offered it to her, if she would take it? I said because you believe the Dollar has value, you reach out your arm and take it, making it yours. Your physical action of acceptance shows that you believe the Dollar has value; but that action is not enough work that you could claim to have earned the Million Dollar bill.

It is still my gift to you.

No matter how much work our faith causes us to do, it will never be enough to earn the gift of salvation. That is still a gift that we can never claim to have earned. In conclusion, we are not saved by good deeds or works. The works, which our faith demands, could never pay for salvation. Believing there is a God will not save us; but faith is the means God has chosen for delivering his free gift. I read her Luke 13:3 “I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish”

I asked her if she could picture heaven with people who prayed and idolized other gods, people who were thieves, murders, adulterer, liars, etc.

She said no!

I explained that if God was Holy then no one who was not holy could be where he is. The Bible says we are all sinners. Then I explained that through God, giving His Holy Son as a sacrifice, His sacrifice cleanses us and God remembers our sins no more, and that we are presented Holy to God through Jesus.

I read her Colossians 1:22 “But now he has reconciled you by Christ's physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation.

That is Good News!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.“ I also shared Hebrews 10:10 And by that will, we have been made holy through the sacrifice of the body of Jesus Christ once for all. We showed her some verses on the book of Romans and after discussing the 10 commandments, she was convinced after a few minutes that there is no one good or holy, but God.

She asked me if I thought I was going to heaven if I died. With certainty I said “Yes”.

I shared with her my story about being lost and the false idols in my life. How I came to realize I was a sinner and that only through my repentance and putting my faith in Jesus Christ was I able to know with certainty that I would go to heaven. I told her how I am not the same person I used to be and how I was lost.

We discussed how one feels when we get lost and then find a familiar site or face. Our grief and despair is replaced with joy and special peace. I told her I was No longer lost!

Now I was found!

Trusting Jesus to lead me safely home to heaven, I follow close behind. I still remember what it was like to be found and have the peace of His mercy, grace and forgiveness. I asked her, so are you lost? Do you want to turn from your lost path and let Jesus lead the way. Do you want his forgiveness? Surrendering to Christ is submitting leadership to the one who knows the way.

Jesus Christ came into the world to bridge the gap between man and God, to die on the cross of Calvary and pay for the penalty of our sins. I said Romans 6:23 says, "the wages of sin is death, but, the free gift of God is eternal life in Jesus Christ our Lord."

Do you understand why Jesus did what he did? Do you want to put your faith with an action and follow him?

She said yes.

I said bow your head and call upon God, repent of your sins, ask for his forgiveness, ask him to help you turn from your sins, tell Him you want Him to be your Lord and Savior that you want to live for Him and for Him to live in you. Tell Him you surrender your life to Him. We prayed with her as she did this profession of faith. Glory be to God! I asked her if you die tomorrow do you know where you are going?

She said “to heaven” I said “How come?” She smiled and said because I repented and surrender to Jesus my life.

I hugged her and gave her advice to find a Bible and start by reading the book of John and to trust the Holy Spirit to teach her and to go and share it with others.

She thought she came to the USA for a visit with her family, but in reality she was here for a visit with the Holy Spirit. The Lord spoke to her heart and used her own language in a foreign country for her to find her way.

Praise the Lord for His patience with us.

2 Peter 3:9 “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.




Wow! Praise God for His goodness and mercy!!

For those of you who don't know, "G" and her husband are a couple of my favorite people on this planet. I told G that she reminds me of the Apostle Paul...she is fired up all the time and seems to never stop.

Thanks for coming out and being a part of the biggest one day evangelism event in Canton, Ga. You are a huge encouragement and blessing to me and everyone who is fortunate to know you!

Keep up the good work in the Lord G!

10 July 2009

4th of July continued - Team member perspective - Take 2

We handed out hundreds of tracks on July 4th, and had the opportunity to talk about Jesus Christ to many people. My favorite story is the one where we came across a man in his 40’s and his son.

We offered them the bottled water and a track with the Million Dollar Question. As my wife asked him the question, he replied “he did not know where he would go if he died tomorrow”, and his son replied with the same answer. We proceeded to talk to him and his son about what sin was, and I commented on how we have to pay for the consequences of our sin.

One team member always prayed silently as my wife talked. We knew God was answering, because people were allowing us to talk to them. My wife showed the man and his son some verses in the books of Romans and John, and asked him some more questions, and then told them about him a judge story. My wife was doing the talking since the other team member and I are a little shy, and just learning on how to witness. Occasionally, we would say something or smile. We concentrated on handing out tracks.

My wife said, “if a judge is a good judge, do you think he should let someone go free without paying the penalty of his crime”? Let’s say someone robbed you, or you robbed someone? He, and his son answered “No”. She said, “would you say he is a crooked judge if he did not make the robber pay for his crime”?

They both said yes.

My wife said, “you are right, a good judge will ensure we pay for the crime and hopefully we will learn a lesson and never do it again”. You may have a lawyer who represents you and requests to let you go and just have you pay a fine. Well the bible says (and she opened her bible in Romans 14:12) “So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God” We told them we will all be in front of God one day to be judged. She shared Revelations 20:11 -12 “Then I saw a great white throne and him who was seated on it. Earth and sky fled from his presence, and there was no place for them. And I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne, and books were opened. Another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. The dead were judged according to what they had done as recorded in the books.” We shared other verses with people, and everyone we talked to we received a different message as was directed by the Holy Spirit.

My wife proceeded to explain that we would live eternally after our physical death. She assured them we will live eternally in hell, or in heaven, depending on our relationship with Christ. She said that God wants us to repent and turn our hearts to Him. We will be in front of God and He will ask you why should I let you in heaven, what would your answer be? He didn’t know what to say. Then she talked about what Jesus did on the cross to pay the penalty of our sins, and everyone who came to repentance for their sins and wanted Jesus to be their Lord and Savior.

She related it to Jesus being there at judgment time and telling God “Father he can come in…for he is with me, he gave her life to me” and said God would let him in. Then she explained that Jesus is the lawyer who represents us with God. And he will answer our sins have been paid for, there is no debt to judge him for.

After talking to both the father and the son, you could see how they were paying attention, and were so interested to hear what God was telling them. We commented how Jesus paid for our sins. So my wife said that God required an RSVP for the ticket to heaven, she asked do you want to answer Jesus invitation.

Both the man and son responded with a prayer, and we aided them in the salvation prayer. It was very moving to see a big man and his son come to Christ at the same time. Then his wife arrived with another son as we were leaving, and in her face I noticed a smile.

My wife offered them a Bible and the man’s wife heard and replied, “we have Bibles at home” and gently smiled as she approached her husband. Her smiled seem to be one of satisfaction. We still gave him a Bible and walked away.

The smile on the ladies face was one similar to the one I saw in my own wife’s face when I got saved. There were Bibles in my house. At the time, I had no idea of its value and the wisdom it offered. I believe the man’s wife may have been trying to work on her husband’s salvation for a long time. Her smile seemed to be one of Praise, because she witnessed seeing her husband and son praying to ask Jesus to live in their hearts!

All the Glory and Praise belongs to God!!!



Yes! All glory and praise to Him who still saves men from their sins! Thank you so much for your faithfulness and your obedience in the Great Commission!

I am and continue to be blessed by both of you guys.

I love you both!!

08 July 2009

4th of July continued - Team member perspective - Take 1

This was my first time at an event like this. My comfort zone for witnessing is with people that I know such as family, co-workers and friends. I was not sure how I would do with a huge group of strangers especially without a seasoned veteran with me so that I could watch and learn. My partner and I both were new to this but we knew that the Holy Spirit would do the real work if we would just be obedient.

When we started I thought that there were not too many people in our area and we would finish very quickly. As we started working the parking lot it seemed to be filling up quickly. We were equipped with over 300 million dollar bills and 200 curved illusions and a cooler full of bottle waters with the gospel label. We started handing out tracks and most everyone graciously accepted them. The curved illusions worked great. We would do it for the kids but the parents and adults would be amazed also. We had the opportunity to ask several people the big question, “If you died tonight do you think you would go to Heaven or Hell?”. To my pleasant surprise, the majority of the people that we asked said Heaven. When we asked them why they thought they would go to Heaven they said because they knew Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

We did get the chance to share the Gospel with a young couple who had the classic answer, “Because I am a good person.” This gave me the chance to go through the law with them and explain that they must put their trust in Christ. The Way of the Master training really helped keep everything on track and hopefully that young couple seriously considered where they wanted to spend eternity and prayed later that night and put their trust in Christ.

The thing that struck me the most during the evening was two ladies that we handed million dollar bills to. We were working back and forth across the parking lot and as we came back near the two ladies to a group next to them, I heard one of the ladies reading the track to the other one. It was very reassuring to know that the Holy Spirit was at work in the parking lot. Not only was He with us as we stumbled through trying to spread the Good News, but more importantly He was working on a lot of people who received a Gospel track.

After two hours we had given out over 300 bills, about 190 curved illusions and 50 bottles of water and talked with several people about Jesus. Now we are praying that those seeds fell on fertile soil.




Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness to let God use you to reach the lost. You let love swallow your fears and stepped out of your comfort zone; way to go dude!

I am blessed to call you friend!

07 July 2009

4th of July continued - Alex and Kelly

After talking with the movie theater employees, we moved on up the long hill that was filled with LOTS of people.

We gave out hundreds of more MDB’s and Celebrity MDB’s. We had some brief conversations that seemed to start out good but ended up going nowhere as some folks didn’t want to hear anything spiritual.

That’s Ok. They kept their Gospel tracts and we would move on.

I had just crossed the street when I was flagged down by a young couple who just had to have some of those cool Celebrity MDB’s. This young couple, Alex and Kelly, said that someone had showed them one of the Celebrity MDB’s that we gave out a few minutes before and came to me asking if they could each could have one.

I told them I only had a few left and wanted to keep them as souvenirs for myself ……..

No, not really…….How often do you have fish jump in your boat???

I spent 5-6 minutes going through the tracts asking them whose caricature was on the different bills; kind of like a game. They had a blast trying to name the faces and were excited when they got them right.

They each got to pick the one they wanted and then asked if they could have one extra between them. I said they could if they passed “The good person test”. I asked if they wanted to take it and they said, “yes!”

Me: Would you consider yourself to be a good person?

A & K: Yes

Me: Do you think you have kept the Ten Commandments?

A: Some of them, I think.
K: Probably

Me: Alex, how many of the Commandments can you name?

A: Um, ugh…..
K: I can’t think of any right now…..

Me: Ok, the 9th Commandment is thou shall not lie. How many lies do you think you have told in your life time?

A: Hundreds, probably.
K: A lot….

Me: What would you be if you told a lie?
A: A liar

Me: The 8th Commandment is thou shall not steal. Have you ever taken anything that wasn’t yours?

A: Yes.
K: Maybe when I was younger.

Me: What does it make you when you take something that’s not yours?

A: A robber

Me: Or a thief. Last Commandment, I appreciate you both in being honest with me, have you ever taken God’s name in vain?

A: Like how?

Me: Ever said, “Oh my **d” or “**d ***n”? (I didn’t actually say this)

A: Yes
K: Yes

Me: That’s called blasphemy. You know that Commandment comes with a promise? It says that the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

Me: So, Alex and Kelly, by your own admission, I’m not judging you, you are liars, thieves and blasphemers and one day you will have to face God on Judgment Day. Do you think, on the Day, He will find you innocent or guilty of breaking His Law?

A: Innocent
K: Guilty

Me: I’ll get back to you in a second Kelly. Alex….innocent? Really? Why?

A: Because God is a forgiving God.

Me: Alex, let me ask you this…if you were in a court of law and you were accused of several pretty bad crimes, would you expect the judge to s ay, “Alex, I know you did all these terrible crimes but, I’m feeling a little forgiving today so I’ll just let you go.” Alex, would he be a good judge or a bad judge for doing that?

A: Bad judge.

Me: Same with God. Because God is good He must punish those who break His Law. Now, would you be innocent or guilty on Judgment Day?
A: Guilty

Me: Would you go to Heaven or Hell

A: Hell
K: Hell

Me: How old are you guys?

A: 23

Me: 23 and 21 and on your way to Hell. Does that concern you? It concerns me. I could be sitting, right now, about a ½ mile away with my family getting ready for the fireworks to start. But because I care so much about people like you and where they will spend eternity, I am out here doing this.

Me: Guys, lets say your back in that courtroom and you are guilty of some extremely bad crimes and the judge said $10 million dollar fine or life in prison without parole. You tell the judge that you don’t have $10 million dollars and he says I’m sorry, but its life in prison for you both. Just as the judge was about to slam down the gavel and send you off for life, a man, someone you never met before, runs into the courtroom and tells the judge that he has sold his business, his cars, his homes and all the jewelry he had to come up with the $10 million bucks. He gives it to the judge on your behalf. The judge says well, the fine has been pain and you’re free to go. How would you feel toward that man?

A & K: Grateful

Me: In the same way, 2000 years ago, God clothed Himself in flesh in the person of Jesus Christ and walked a perfect sinless life. He never sinned in word, thought or deed. He allowed Himself to be taken into the hands of sinful man. He was beaten, tortured and then He was hung on a cross. On that cross He died for your sins. My sins. The sins of the world. They took Him down and buried Him in a tomb. But three days later, God raised Him from the dead so you could have forgiveness of your sins and eternal life in Heaven. Its like this…you broke God’s Law but Jesus paid your fine in His life’s blood.

I went on to fully explain repentance and putting their trust and faith in Christ. I pleaded with them to do this before they did anything else tonight.

I pray that God moved on them and indeed they repented and trusted Him who is all powerful to save.


06 July 2009

4th of July continued - Movie Theater Employees

For the 4th of July outing I had to make a few (thank goodness) decisions concerning the logistics of the evening.

Of course there’s always the basic decisions like; where to meet, what time to meet, how many tracts to bring, when to call it a day, etc. Those are normally the easy kinds of decisions to make.

Then there are the decisions where you try to make good judgment calls based on who shows up to witness and the amount of ground you want to cover.

After we prayed I tried to make good judgment calls on who was paired with who and where the plan of attack would be the most beneficial to the number of souls in a particular area.

I’ve always been a sink or swim kind of person and maybe that’s what drives a lot of decisions I make in any situation.

My first time out witnessing was 4 years ago during a 4th of July celebration. It was me…by myself…no training other than watching a few episodes of the Way of the Master on TV. I bought 200 patriotic tracts and set off to hand out the tracts and get away before anyone had a chance to ask what they were. I was scared to death.

Sink or swim.

Nevertheless on the 4th, I paired up, before we headed out, a husband and wife team (no brainer there being we only had one female soul winner join us!), a couple guys who had maybe two witnessing outings between them, a couple of guys who had maybe one witnessing outing between them and then me and my faithful witnessing companion of the last couple years. That left one odd man out (my 22 year old son) who I had come with me.

I had two teams stay in the parking lot of the complex which started out with a few people and ended up swelling with people. I had one team go up one side of the perimeter while my team went up the other. Both sides of the perimeters were lined almost wall to wall with people.

We were quickly passing out tracts and having some brief conversations. The first complete conversation we had was with a couple of employees from the local movie theater. They were pushing a cart full of popcorn, water, soda, etc. to hopefully cash in on the growing number of folks in their parking lot.

We had given them some tracts about ten minutes before when we crossed paths with them again. The young man of the duo asked me if he could have some more of those Celebrity tracts. I asked him what he would do with them if I gave him more. He said he would give some to his friends. I told him I would give him some more if he could answer a few questions first.

When asked where he would spend eternity if he were to die right now, he answered he didn’t know. I took him through the good person test and he answered truthfully without hesitation. When asked if God would find him innocent or guilty on Judgment Day, he said guilty. Would you go to Heaven or Hell if God finds you guilty? “Heaven?” he kind of sheepishly replied.

I told him that, according to the Bible, all liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire. No blasphemer, adulterer or thief shall inherit the Kingdom of God. I told him that he had broken God’s Law and he would have to pay the penalty for that when he died.

He seemed concerned, but not alarmed upon hearing that news.

That’s when my partner asked him if he would sell one of his eyes for a million bucks? No, probably not he said. Ok, how about both eyes for 10 million bucks? No, he would never do that he said. My partner said if your eyes are that valuable to you, how much more should your soul be to you? The young man agreed with that comparison.

That’s when I discerned he was ready to hear the good news. I took him through the Gospel and made sure he understood he needed to repent, what repentance was and to put his trust in Christ.

By now he kept looking at young lady he was working with (she kept her eyes focused on me the whole time) and I got the sense he was done with the conversation.

We asked him if he had a Bible at home; he did.

We told him to read the book of John first and if he had any questions to email us (custom labels on the water bottle!). We told him to make sure, before he put his head down tonight, to get right with God before it was too late.

I happily gave him a few more tracts to hand out to his friends –

More tales to follow; stay tuned!


05 July 2009

4th of July - Canton, Georgia

His Feet on the Street evangelism team met at 6:45pm in the Riverstone shopping center to pray up, group up and head out to hand out tracts and witness to the masses waiting for the fireworks to begin.

We had brought over 1,400 tracts and 200 custom labeled bottles of water to give out in roughly 2 hours.

We had 9 adults and a few kids come out to be part of the team and everyone worked really hard in making this one awesome evangelistic outreach to further the Kingdom of God right here in Canton, Georgia.

We gave out Giant Money tracts -

We gave out the Youth Celebrity Million Dollar Bills -

(These were a big hit!!)

We also gave out the Celebrity MDB's, the Big Money tracts, the Curved Illusion tracts, Spanish MDB's, the Are You Good Enough to go to Heaven tract and, of course, hundreds and hundreds of the standard Million Dollar Bill tracts.

I had a personal goal for the team to pass out 1,000 tracts for the 4th of July event.

I haven't got an exact count yet (totals to follow later this week), but it looks like we passed out well over 1,400 tracts.

Way to go guys!!!

Ok - So what about our encounters??

Well, I've asked the team members to write up a few words about their experience and the people they had a divine appointment with and send them to me for posting.

Beginning tomorrow, I will start posting encounters all this week as the team members send them in to me.

Praise God for all the faithful and obedient laborers that came out to hand out tracts and witness, the prayer warriors we had behind the scenes, those who provided the water we handed out and those who gave financially.

In doing this, we all became His Feet on the Street.

God bless each and every one of you!