07 July 2009

4th of July continued - Alex and Kelly

After talking with the movie theater employees, we moved on up the long hill that was filled with LOTS of people.

We gave out hundreds of more MDB’s and Celebrity MDB’s. We had some brief conversations that seemed to start out good but ended up going nowhere as some folks didn’t want to hear anything spiritual.

That’s Ok. They kept their Gospel tracts and we would move on.

I had just crossed the street when I was flagged down by a young couple who just had to have some of those cool Celebrity MDB’s. This young couple, Alex and Kelly, said that someone had showed them one of the Celebrity MDB’s that we gave out a few minutes before and came to me asking if they could each could have one.

I told them I only had a few left and wanted to keep them as souvenirs for myself ……..

No, not really…….How often do you have fish jump in your boat???

I spent 5-6 minutes going through the tracts asking them whose caricature was on the different bills; kind of like a game. They had a blast trying to name the faces and were excited when they got them right.

They each got to pick the one they wanted and then asked if they could have one extra between them. I said they could if they passed “The good person test”. I asked if they wanted to take it and they said, “yes!”

Me: Would you consider yourself to be a good person?

A & K: Yes

Me: Do you think you have kept the Ten Commandments?

A: Some of them, I think.
K: Probably

Me: Alex, how many of the Commandments can you name?

A: Um, ugh…..
K: I can’t think of any right now…..

Me: Ok, the 9th Commandment is thou shall not lie. How many lies do you think you have told in your life time?

A: Hundreds, probably.
K: A lot….

Me: What would you be if you told a lie?
A: A liar

Me: The 8th Commandment is thou shall not steal. Have you ever taken anything that wasn’t yours?

A: Yes.
K: Maybe when I was younger.

Me: What does it make you when you take something that’s not yours?

A: A robber

Me: Or a thief. Last Commandment, I appreciate you both in being honest with me, have you ever taken God’s name in vain?

A: Like how?

Me: Ever said, “Oh my **d” or “**d ***n”? (I didn’t actually say this)

A: Yes
K: Yes

Me: That’s called blasphemy. You know that Commandment comes with a promise? It says that the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain.

Me: So, Alex and Kelly, by your own admission, I’m not judging you, you are liars, thieves and blasphemers and one day you will have to face God on Judgment Day. Do you think, on the Day, He will find you innocent or guilty of breaking His Law?

A: Innocent
K: Guilty

Me: I’ll get back to you in a second Kelly. Alex….innocent? Really? Why?

A: Because God is a forgiving God.

Me: Alex, let me ask you this…if you were in a court of law and you were accused of several pretty bad crimes, would you expect the judge to s ay, “Alex, I know you did all these terrible crimes but, I’m feeling a little forgiving today so I’ll just let you go.” Alex, would he be a good judge or a bad judge for doing that?

A: Bad judge.

Me: Same with God. Because God is good He must punish those who break His Law. Now, would you be innocent or guilty on Judgment Day?
A: Guilty

Me: Would you go to Heaven or Hell

A: Hell
K: Hell

Me: How old are you guys?

A: 23

Me: 23 and 21 and on your way to Hell. Does that concern you? It concerns me. I could be sitting, right now, about a ½ mile away with my family getting ready for the fireworks to start. But because I care so much about people like you and where they will spend eternity, I am out here doing this.

Me: Guys, lets say your back in that courtroom and you are guilty of some extremely bad crimes and the judge said $10 million dollar fine or life in prison without parole. You tell the judge that you don’t have $10 million dollars and he says I’m sorry, but its life in prison for you both. Just as the judge was about to slam down the gavel and send you off for life, a man, someone you never met before, runs into the courtroom and tells the judge that he has sold his business, his cars, his homes and all the jewelry he had to come up with the $10 million bucks. He gives it to the judge on your behalf. The judge says well, the fine has been pain and you’re free to go. How would you feel toward that man?

A & K: Grateful

Me: In the same way, 2000 years ago, God clothed Himself in flesh in the person of Jesus Christ and walked a perfect sinless life. He never sinned in word, thought or deed. He allowed Himself to be taken into the hands of sinful man. He was beaten, tortured and then He was hung on a cross. On that cross He died for your sins. My sins. The sins of the world. They took Him down and buried Him in a tomb. But three days later, God raised Him from the dead so you could have forgiveness of your sins and eternal life in Heaven. Its like this…you broke God’s Law but Jesus paid your fine in His life’s blood.

I went on to fully explain repentance and putting their trust and faith in Christ. I pleaded with them to do this before they did anything else tonight.

I pray that God moved on them and indeed they repented and trusted Him who is all powerful to save.



  1. Go 4th on the 4th.

    Much different 4 years later, huh? Sounds like a fine job. Praise God! Thank you for your prayers regarding our outreach on Canada Day.

  2. Cool man. Keep up the "good" work!