03 July 2013

4th of July Outreach is postponed -

The City of Canton has postponed the 4th of July celebration due to inclement weather.

Since the event has been postponed (and not cancelled), our evangelism efforts will just be on hold until the event is rescheduled.

I will keep you posted -


01 July 2013

Mission Ottawa / New England - Part 2

The second half of our mission trip was spent in beautiful Providence, Rhode Island with our host family Robert and Aneta. Just like Paul and Kim in Ottawa, Robert and Aneta are sold out Christians with a passion for reaching the lost in their hometown.

Just as in Ottawa (and every town in the world), Providence has lost people who need to hear the gospel. Robert is a full time evangelist who spends his day reaching the lost via open-air preaching, conversations and handing out tracts.

During our New England portion of the mission trip, we were able to go to Boston, Plymouth and, of course, Providence.

Robert and Vernon strategizing at the bus station -

Open-airing the gospel to crowds at the Boston Common Park -

Vernon during one of his open-air gospel presentations in Boston -

Robert proclaiming the gospel to ears that would hear in Boston -

Sharing one-to-one with a young man at a park in Providence -

Vernon sharing the gospel at the bus station in Providence (Awesome fishing hole here!) -

Sharing the gospel with a man who wanted to talk more after I finished an open-air message -

Sharing the gospel with a Jewish man who continually took the Lord's Name in vain -

Leaving to come back home: A rose (Aneta) between two thorns! (Hat Tip to Paul) -

Vernon and I can not be more appreciative of the hospitality and love of our host families in Providence as well as Ottawa. We love you guys and can't wait for our next mission trip!

Stories behind the photographs to follow shortly...stay tuned!

Soli Deo Gloria -