05 July 2009

4th of July - Canton, Georgia

His Feet on the Street evangelism team met at 6:45pm in the Riverstone shopping center to pray up, group up and head out to hand out tracts and witness to the masses waiting for the fireworks to begin.

We had brought over 1,400 tracts and 200 custom labeled bottles of water to give out in roughly 2 hours.

We had 9 adults and a few kids come out to be part of the team and everyone worked really hard in making this one awesome evangelistic outreach to further the Kingdom of God right here in Canton, Georgia.

We gave out Giant Money tracts -

We gave out the Youth Celebrity Million Dollar Bills -

(These were a big hit!!)

We also gave out the Celebrity MDB's, the Big Money tracts, the Curved Illusion tracts, Spanish MDB's, the Are You Good Enough to go to Heaven tract and, of course, hundreds and hundreds of the standard Million Dollar Bill tracts.

I had a personal goal for the team to pass out 1,000 tracts for the 4th of July event.

I haven't got an exact count yet (totals to follow later this week), but it looks like we passed out well over 1,400 tracts.

Way to go guys!!!

Ok - So what about our encounters??

Well, I've asked the team members to write up a few words about their experience and the people they had a divine appointment with and send them to me for posting.

Beginning tomorrow, I will start posting encounters all this week as the team members send them in to me.

Praise God for all the faithful and obedient laborers that came out to hand out tracts and witness, the prayer warriors we had behind the scenes, those who provided the water we handed out and those who gave financially.

In doing this, we all became His Feet on the Street.

God bless each and every one of you!


  1. Way to go Wayne and your dedicated team! We were praying for you way up here in Canada.

    So good, Wayne, that you have a number of people willing to help you do what you know needs to be done for the sake of the lost and the building of the kingdom of God .I've tried everything in the book to get our fellow Christian friends to join us, but...

    Such as it is for now. No complaints, however. God is sovereign! And I am very grateful for one very dedicated gospel sharing partner who is with me all the time: my wife. I couldn't ask for anything better than that.

    What a treat it is to be able to be in ministry together. It is such an honor and privilege to do what we do for the Lord and such a joy to be able to do it together.

    I praise God with you in your Fourth of July venture. Press on, brother.

  2. Thanks for your prayers my friend....we really saw a work of God in this small town.

    God brought out the laborers and they did an amazing job letting the Holy Spirit work through them.

    What started out 4 years ago as a lone person handing out tracts has grown to a small evangelism team who has a concern and passion for reaching the lost in this towm!!

    I praise God for each and every one of my fellow team members!