26 February 2011

Give Jesus a try

Seen on a local church sign -

"Give Jesus a try, if you don't like Him the Devil will always take you back."

What are your thoughts on this?

21 February 2011

How the Gospel Comes to Us

The power of the Gospel, its condemning/killing and justifying/vivifying potency, is NOT conveyed through your life, your symbols of success, your soup kitchens, your church band—no, not even through your cliché-emblazoned t-shirts! The Gospel is an announcement; it is news, the best news that can ever be declared from human lips. Therefore, it is PREACHED!

Hat Tip - Underdog Theology

Man's Fallen Condition

From The Wittenberg Door

In his fallen state man is an enemy of God. He not only doesn’t seek reconciliation and entrance into God’s kingdom, but he is daily seeking to further himself from His holy Creator. The sinner’s only hope is a rescue operation—a sovereign work of God upon his heart. And this rescue operation does not depend upon the drowning man seeking out the lifeguard. Instead, our rescuer chose to save us, and to preserve us, before we ever entered the water.

13 February 2011

Lost Hymn of the Week


Ye nations round the earth, rejoice
Before the Lord, your sovereign King,
Serve Him with cheerful heart and voice;
With all your tongues His glory sing.

The Lord is God; ’tis He alone
Doth life and breath and being give;
We are His work, and not our own;
The sheep that on His pastures live.

Enter His gates with songs of joy,
With praises to His courts repair;
And make it your divine employ
To pay your thanks and honors there.

The Lord is good, the Lord is kind;
Great is His grace, His mercy sure;
And the whole race of man shall find
His truth from age to age endure.

Isaac Watts

03 February 2011

A cross and a conversation

Please take a moment and check out this first class video put together by Paul Latour over at The Word Street Journal.

God's providential timing is always perfect!

If you are obedient, God will always provide a lost soul for you to share the gospel with!!

Ray Comfort witnessing to Alisa -