20 July 2009

Evangelism Tip - Handing out a Gospel Tract

One of the easiest ways to spread the good news to a lost and dying world is through a well written out Gospel tract.

A good tract will present a simple yet effective Gospel presentation that covers sin, God's Judgment, Hell, what Christ did for us on the cross and how to be made right with God.

Did you know that God used a Gospel tract to save the great missionary Hudson Taylor? George Whitefield, one of the great preachers of all time, was also saved through a Gospel tract.

If God can use a simple Gospel tract, you can too.

Gospel tracts can be placed almost anywhere. Here is a short list of the places I have put tracts.....

* In magazines at Wal-Mart
* In library books
* In hotel rooms
* In restrooms
* At restaurants
* Placed on wiper blades on cars in parking lots
* In video DVD return boxes
* In waiting rooms (doctors, dentists,etc.)
* To fast food employees at the drive through
* At gas stations pumps
* In the seat in front of you on a plane trip
* In your return bill envelope
* Phone books (look for the ads about abortion or escort services)

Almost anywhere you can think of while your out and about you can place a Gospel tract.

But, the best place you can put a Gospel tract is right smack dab in someones hand!!

You might say that you're a little shy and could never do that.....Well, I used to say that too. But you can do it!!

Here's a little tip when handing someone a tract:

Say, "Did you get one of these" as you are handing out the tract. This is the most effective way of actually getting a person to take the tract from you. The person will feel they are missing out on something if they don't take it.

When the person takes the tract you can do a couple things; you can walk away or you can engage that person in a spiritual conversation.

If you feel uneasy or uncomfortable handing someone a tract, you may want to pray for God to give you boldness and a deeper concern about the lost.

After all, what's worse....you feeling a little uncomfortable or that person spending eternity in Hell? Learn to get over your fears and develop a deep concern for the the lost and dying world around you.

If I can do this, you can do this!

On the right hand side of this blog you will see a list of places where you can buy well worded Gospel tracts. Get a few bundles of tracts and start placing placing them in creative places all over town!!

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