23 November 2011

Black Friday is here again!

Black Friday is here again and that means people will be gathering to hang out for hours to get the ultimate gift at the ultimate price.

His Feet on the Street will take the message of the gospel to the folks waiting in lines at several different locations and times throughout Canton.

Your prayers will be most appreciated! Pray that God opens the ears and eyes of the deaf and blind, that the gospel will go forth unhindered and that God receives the glory all night long. Below are the store opening times. We (my wife is going this year) will be at each location way before the doors open to set up, hand out tracts and witness the gospel.

12am -
Best Buy
Dick's Sporting Goods
Radio Shack
Staples (Would people really be at this one?)
My wife will be taking the Are You Ready cross this year. Here she is below practicing her holding technique  :)
Thank you in advance for the prayers!

01 November 2011

Here's your candy and don't forget to pick your favorite tract!

Another Halloween has come and gone and another 250-300 tracts found their way into the candy bags of children seeking sweets and treats.

For the second year in a row I set up the Candy/Tract table as an alternative way of distributing gospel tracts. I found that last year the kids really liked looking over the tract table and picking out their own tract as opposed to just handing them one as I gave out the candy.

Above: Here is the table with the "Are You Ready" cross in the background

Above and below: Close up of the table full of gospel tracts!

Below: Creepy and cool looking kids.

This year I even put out a couple Gideon Bibles for the heck of it and guess what? I had a 12 year old boy ask me if he could have one of the Bibles and a 10 year old girl ask for the other one because she had lost hers.

Note to self: Put more Bibles out next year -