27 October 2009

Pride Festival - Oct 31st!

"His Feet on the Street" evangelism team will be joining "Saved From What Ministries" this Saturday at Piedmont Park for the annual Pride Festival.

Please consider joining us this Saturday as we go and share the good news of the gospel. if you can't join us, please be in prayer for us.

I realize that this is Halloween and many folks have kids to get ready for the night. This is why we are leaving early so we can get back early.

We will be leaving from the parking lot of First Baptist Canton at 8:30 am sharp!

We should get down to the Park no later than 9:30 am. We will meet up with "Saved From What Ministries" and then spread out inside the Park. We plan on leaving Piedmont Park at 1:00pm so every one will have time to get little ones ready for the evening.

When: Saturday, October 31st
Where: Piedmont Park, Atlanta
Time: Leave FBC at 8:30 am sharp!

Speaking of Halloween - Don't forget to have tracts ready for the kids when they come to your house! This is the only time of the year where potentially 100's of kids could come knocking at your door. This is a perfect opportunity to put a tract into their little bags when you give them candy.

23 October 2009

It's not about the numbers

From my brother in the Lord and fellow evangelist Paul Latour over at The Word Street Journal.

19 October 2009

Car Show Evangelism

Whew –

Cold, windy and threat of rain was the order of the day at the last Car Show of the year this past Saturday.

I don’t think the temperature ever made it past 50 degrees (we got to do something about this global warming thing!) while we were there.

Despite the not so friendly outdoor one-to-one witnessing conditions, we had several folks come out to help fulfill the Great Commission and take the gospel to where people are gathered.

Several of the evangelists with us Saturday are taking the Way of the Master class for the first time. We had just completed week six of the WOTM Basic Training Course and the Car Show was the perfect venue for some of the new evangelists to get their feet wet with some spiritual conversations.

Everything was in place and everybody got to the meeting place on time and we were ready to go…….but I forgot my camera!!


Oh, well……

I hope to get some stories from the ‘first-timers’ to post sometime this week. This way we can have their point of view from Saturday and hopefully encourage others out there who are a little intimidated to share their faith.

I had conversations with several folks, but one conversation that stands out is one with a 15 year old boy who attended a local church (I think the church is an emergent church but I can’t say for sure).

When asked the million dollar question (When you die, where do you think you will spend eternity?) he said, “Hopefully Heaven.”

When I asked him if he were to die today and stand before God, what would be the reason God would let him into Heaven?

He didn’t have an answer.

I went through the Law and showed him how God sees him; a lying, thieving, blaspheming adulterer at heart.

He admitted that if God were to sentence him after being found guilty of breaking His Law, he would go to hell.

“Does that concern you? Here you are, 15 years old, and you’re going to hell when you die.”

I asked him what he thought hell was like.

He said, “It’s probably like being in a house on fire with no way to escape.”

I said that was a pretty good description. But now imagine that you can’t escape forever. I said if that is what you think hell is like, it’s going to be a million times worse.

I said, “All liars will have their part in the Lake of Fire. No blasphemer, thief or adulterer will inherit the Kingdom of God.”

His mouth was stopped and I took him through God’s wonderful grace. I implored him to repent and trust Christ today before it was too late.

We left this young man and had several other conversations before I caught up with some of the other new evangelists.

A couple of the newbies were very bold in their witnessing. I hope to get some of their conversations to this blog over the next few days.

Praise God for the turnout of those who wanted to glorify God in their obedience to sharing the gospel. Praise God for the folks he set us up to talk to. Praise God for His Word that will not return void!

Praise God for atoning blood of Jesus Christ!

13 October 2009

Last Car Show this Saturday in Canton! ** (TIME CHANGED TO 3-5pm)

This Saturday the last Car Show of the year will be held at the Riverstone shopping center.
If you would like to come out and witness with us we would love for you to join us.

Perhaps you are a little shy about talking to strangers; no problem! You can help us hand out gospel tracts!

Still a little shy about doing that? No problem!
Come out and pray for us as we talk to folks.
Date: Saturday, October, 17th
Where to meet: In front of Hibbetts Sports store in the Riverstone complex.
What time: From 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

12 October 2009

Spurgeon moment

From the cross of Calvary--where the bleeding hands of Jesus drop mercy--the cry comes, "Look unto Me, and be saved, all the ends of the earth!" From Calvary's summit, where Jesus cries, "It is finished!" I hear a shout, "Look unto Me, and be saved!"

But there comes a vile cry from our soul, "No, look to yourself! Look to yourself!" Ah, look to yourself--and you will certainly be damned! As long as you look to yourself--there is no hope for you. It is not a consideration of what you are--but a consideration of what Christ is, that can save you. You must look away from yourself, and to Jesus!

Oh! there are many who quite misunderstand the gospel; they think that their good works qualify them to come to Christ; whereas SIN is the only qualification for man to come to Jesus!

"It is not the healthy who need a doctor--but the sick!" Matthew 9:12

~ Charles Spurgeon

09 October 2009

All powerful

A new convert was reading his Bible when he called out, “Wow! Praise the Lord!”

A liberal minister heard him, and asked him what the noise was about. The young Christian replied with great enthusiasm, “This is incredible. It says here that God performed a miracle of deliverance by opening up the Red Sea for the Jews to march through!”

The minister replied, “Owing to tidal patterns around that time of year, the Red Sea was a swamp that was only three inches deep.”

Somewhat subdued, the young man continued reading, but soon exclaimed, “Wow! Praise the Lord!”

“What’s the matter now?” asked the minister. The Christian replied, “God has just drowned the whole Egyptian army in three inches of water!”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Many times when witnessing to an unbeliever, he will try to knock you off your horse with tales of evolution, seemingly 'contradictions' in the Bible and fantastic unbelievable events (Noah's Ark, Jonah and the great fish, etc).

If you know a little apologetics you would like use to defend God's Word, by all means do so; but never at the expense of sharing the gospel.

It's easy to get wrapped up defending God's Word and forget all about the reason your sharing your faith to begin with; reaching the lost.

Apologetics are wonderful and biblical, but if we fail to share the gospel with the person we are talking to then we miss the opportunity to offer that person God's awesome plan of salvation.


03 October 2009

What happened to you last year inspired us….

Today my faithful witnessing partner and I headed to Jasper, Georgia to hand out tracts and do some one-to-one witnessing at the annual Marble Festival.

I arrived a few minutes ahead of my buddy so I laid down my cross and box of tracts and stood around looking for familiar faces that might come out to join us. While I was scanning the crowd and trying to pick out any one I might know, I heard someone say, “Wayne, is that you?” I turned to see who was asking and recognized a face from a church my wife and I attended years ago right after the Lord saved me.

I gave a quick hug to the lady and asked how she had been doing. She proceeded to tell me how her life has been upside down over the last few years. She painted a sad tale of life after divorce, no job, no transportation and now living with a grandparent. It seems she has battled with alcohol and her own personal demons over the years and didn’t seem to have too much hope for her life.

I began to explain to her why I was out at the Festival; giving folks the hope of forgiveness of sins and eternal life with God. She told me that she still believed in God and was trying to take classes on catechism at the local Catholic church. We had a good long conversation about that. We talked about Mary. We talked about works salvation. We talked about papal infallibility. We had a long talk about the Way, the Truth and the Life.

I asked her if she liked to read. She said she loves to read. I told her for some reason I was compelled to bring along a book with me today written by Mark Cahill called, “One Heartbeat Away”. I gave her the book as gift and told her to read this book after she had done her daily Bible reading. She thanked me for giving her the book and we said our goodbyes.

That was a perfect God thing.

My buddy said she might be the only reason we were supposed to come out here today.

Well, she could have been….but God was about to lay upon my buddy and me a blessing I will never forget.

Here’s the set up - -

Last year at the Marble Festival, while we were giving out tracts and doing one-to-one witnessing, the Festival director approached one of my team mates and told him that we could not solicit in the area we were in. My team mate came over to me and told me what was going on and I told him not to worry as we were on a public street that had been shut down for through traffic for the people to walk towards the entrance of the Festival. I went over to the director (whom I knew personally) and asked him why he was so angry about us handing out the tracts.

He told me that we were soliciting on private property and if we didn’t stop he was going to call the local police. I told him that we were not soliciting but giving away gospel tracts and besides, we were on a public street more than 200 feet from the entrance to the Festival.

He told us again, this time with a red and mad face, that if we didn’t leave he was calling the police. I told him to do what he felt he needed to do, we were not leaving.

About ten minutes later the local police shows up and had a long discussion with the director. I told my team to keep passing out tracts and talking to folks. After the policeman was finished talking with the director he walked over to where I was and let me give “my side” of the story.

The officer told me that, yes, we had a Constitutional right to free speech and he was not challenging me on that. He told me that we did have a right to be where we were but asked if we could move to the other side of the street so “this spark would not become a fire”.

I agreed to move my team to the other side of the street. We still had lots of tracts to be given out and I didn’t want to waste time arguing with the law about who was right and who was wrong.

God used the move to our advantage and we were able to hand out all our tracts and talk to more people than where we previously were.

Now….you’re up to speed.

Back to today –

As we left my friend with her new book we were going to set up my cross on the sidewalk that the police told us to go to last year. As we were making our way up the hill I noticed an older gentleman giving out little Bibles at the very same place we were told to move from last year.

As we got closer to him I saw boxes of Bibles stacked up next to a canopy tent that some folks had set up in the yard in front of the street that we were told to move from last year. I walked over to the men standing at the canopy and asked them if they were the ones giving out the Bibles. The fellow said yes we are, and were giving out gospel tracts as well.


I introduced myself and my partner and he said his name was Scott and introduced us to his buddy Gary. I told him that it was on this very spot last year that we had the police called on us by the Festival director and we had to move across the street.

Scott said, “We know.”

I look at him dumbfounded.

Scott said Gary, while he was leaving the Festival last year, saw what happened to you guys and told our church. Scott said what happened to you guys last year inspired us to come out here and set up to witness, hand out tracts and open air preach!

I said you guys have been open air preaching already? Scott said yes, about every 30 minutes since 10am. (Well, I’m glad I had my sunglasses on at this point because I started tearing up.) You have been out here since 10am? Yup, our whole Sunday school class; we have the afternoon shift.

I asked Scott if he had a run in with the Festival director yet. He said it doesn’t matter this year. I asked why? Scott said the owner of the yard they had set up in gave them permission use it as they needed.

Praise God!!

Scott told us to set up anywhere we wanted in the yard and join them.

We did.

God used us mightily to hand out hundreds of tracts and witness to dozens of people over the next several hours.

We met two evangelists in our area who love the Lord and love to preach the gospel.

God was glorified today and I was privileged and humbled to be used by Him!!

Man, we serve a great, great God!!

"And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28