02 July 2012

Independence Day Celebration Outreach!

Wooo Hoooo!

It is that time of year again when His Feet on the Street has its biggest outreach day of the year; Independence Day!

Each year, thousands of people gather together in Canton and hang out for a few hours while waiting for the big fireworks show. This is a perfect time to put a gospel tract in a hand and maybe have a one-to-one life-changing conversation with someone who does not know Christ.

Christian, wanna help us?

If you will be in the Canton area and, if all you were going to do was just sit around and sweat while waiting for the fireworks to start, come out and join us and sweat while handing out tracts, having one-to-one conversation or praying for us while we intentially go into our part of the world seeking lost people.

If you are a little scared, don't worry, I will be too. We can be scared together for Christ!

If you are a little bit shy, don't worry, I am too. We can be shy together for Christ!

If you are __________ (fill in the blank) don't worry, I am too! We can be _____ together for Christ.

If you have never handed out a tract before, I will teach you how in a quick 10 second lesson.

Meet us in front of Hibbits Sports at 6:30pm (In the Riverstone Shopping Center) on Wednesday the 4th of July!

If you have tracts, bring em. If not, we will bring some for you -

Come join us!

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