10 July 2011

4th of July let down?

I thank and praise God for our team this year that consisted of five guys and two gals (four of the men pictured above). These witnessing warriors braved the weather and turned it up a notch to get out the tracts and share the gospel despite the in-climate conditions.

I had big expectations this year of handing out more tracts this 4th of July than we did during last years outing. Last year we handed out over 1,200 tracts in just over two hours and had some interesting conversations to boot.

But this year God had other plans...




No sooner than we prayed and headed out, the rain came. Cam and Andy were right in the middle of a great conversation when the skies opened up and the bottom fell out. They were able to finish the witnessing encounter despite the down pour. Cam said as long as he was going to stand there in the rain and let me witness to him I was going to finish sharing the gospel; rain or no rain.

We all sought some shelter from the rain as it looked like it might settle in for awhile. The place we sought cover was also the place a few more folks were seeking cover. I made sure everyone there received a tract and I even had the opportunity to witness to a fellow who said that God and him "had their own thing going".

After the rain slacked off a bit we were able to leave that area and get back to handing out tracts. Although the rain was light, it kept most people in their cars or huddled up somewhere in the overhangs of buildings.

All in all we were able to get out just over 700 tracts and witness to several folks. My wife, and her witnessing warrior partner Chris, were able to hand out about 150 tracts and talk to a couple different groups of folks on the other side of the complex.

My brother Andy put the evening in perspective the next day when he emailed me concerning what some might have thought to be a disappointing day out witnessing:

Hey Dawg, I know you are not concerned about the number. Just think about this...

On the way into work this morning, I was thinking about yesterday and reflecting back on how the hand of God has been upon me since my salvation. I really think I could write a book that would read like a book of the bible on how He has been and is working.

Telling me I was moving from Augusta to here.

Selling our house in 5 days(two offers, one more than we asked)

Placing us at FBCC the way he did. (A FB church?, no chance)

Me praying at the alter to prepare me to teach if called upon and then that same morning, Brian called on me to teach.

It goes on and on.

It all started with someone planting a seed. Coach Box sowed the seed in the late 80’s. It was fertilized, weeded, watered and tended to over the next 20+ years before growing into the man you know as me.

That one track, one conversation, or that one kid that wonders why this man is taking his time to walk in the rain to hand out funny money may be just like I was in the late 80’s.

Praise Him.

Yes, praise Him indeed!

What we don't see (and may only ever know in Heaven), is how that ONE tract or that ONE conversation made an eternal difference in God's economy.

That ONE tract or ONE conversation that led to the salvation of ONE person could lead to chain of events where some, or hundreds, or thousands more are ushered into the Kingdom because of our obedience and faithfulness to our great God and Savior.

Soli Deo Gloria!


  1. What seemingly little work you did in the building of the Kingdom of God was all that God required at that time. The important thing is, by your love for God, through your faithfulness and obedience, you were there to do the work that was required and you did it well. Very well! Amen!

  2. To our fearless (ok, maybe we can't go that far) leader with passionate feet on the street:

    It WAS a perfect 4th of July. Many times I walk away disappointed in myself for not sharing the gospel with enough people, for not being "in the groove" or some other imperfect activity. Bah!! Cindy & I took on both sides of one street. Most folks knew we were coming & they were next to hear from us or receive a tract. Despite some (most probably) preconceived notions about us, not one person turned down one of the 150 tracts we handed out & 12 young men & one gal got to hear the law & the gospel. Maybe for the first time.

    As I drove home to meet my family for fireworks, I really had true joy in my spirit reflecting upon Gods handiwork. He gave me a fresh dose of assurance that His Word never returns void. Almost 1000 people got the Word in their hands or their ears that day. Praise God for that AND the much needed drink of water for our dry earth.....

    God Bless America

  3. Thank Chris!

    Praise God for your faithful service in the Lord!