14 July 2012

Dixon 5K Run Evangelism Outreach

His Feet on the Street once again (Getting to be a good habit) joined up with it's most favored local evangelist, Vernon Costolo from Proclaiming the Truth ministries, for the Collins Dixon 5K run hosted at First Baptist Canton. His Feet also had the pleasure of sharing the good news alongside an evangelist we hope to see very often, Jason Fleming.

The 5K run was hosted at First Baptist Canton and was created in honor of a young man named Collins Dixon. The run was to raise an awareness of brain cancer; the cancer that eventually took the life of young Collins Dixon.

Vernon, Jason and myself got ourselves in position with our crosses for the more than 600 runners to focus on when they took off from the starting line and when they headed back.

While we were holding our crosses, Cam was handing out tracts and giving shout outs to those we knew who were running the race.

I think I promised Vernon it was not going to rain....I still don't think it did...Those were just very heavy mist drops Vernon ;)

After the run was over we put up the crosses and took out the tracts and proceeded to descend upon the masses (estimated 750-1000 people overall) that were hanging out in the First Baptist Canton parking lot.

I'm sure we handed out well over three hundred tracts in the short time we were there. We were encouraged by several folks who told us to keep it up and we were doing a great job.

Of course, this goes without saying if you know me, but all glory and praise goes to God alone; we were humbled to be serving the King at this local event in our hometown.

Soli Deo Gloria!

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