24 June 2010

Upcoming Event - 4th of July Celebration in Canton, Ga.

It's that time of year again where thousands of people will decend upon Canton to watch the fireworks show!

Hundreds of people will get there hours early just to get a good spot before the rest of the crowd rolls in. We have an awesome opportunity to reach out to the lost in our community and give people the Word of life!

Think about it. How often do masses of people just sit around doing nothing waiting a couple hours in the summer heat for a few minutes of entertainment?

Not often.

Last year we had a team of 9 evangelists (and a few kids helping out) handing out Gospel tracts, water and the words of life.

See the following links for those stories...







As you can see by some of the posts from team members last year, we had a great time and God was glorified through the spreading of His Word.

Here are my plans right now -

When - July 3rd (Saturday)
Where - Meet in front of Hibbitts Sports (next to Publix in the Riverstone Shopping Center)
Time - 6:15pm

Meeting at 6:15pm will give us plenty of time to group up (we will put the newbies with the more experienced folks). After grouping up we will pray and then hit the streets!

My goal would be to have at least as many people this year witnessing as we did last year. I will have about 1,400 tracts...but please, if you have some bring them!

I will be on vacation next week in Myrtle Beach with my family, but I will check emails if anyone has any questions. You can email me at Hisfeet@tds.net

While at the beach I will employ my latest hook to draw the lost to me. See how I used this hook last year for the first time by clicking here.

Hope to see you on the 3rd!!


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