09 November 2010

Oh that God would make us dangerous!

"We are so utterly ordinary, so commonplace, while we
profess to know a Power the Twentieth Century does not reckon
with. But we are "harmless," and therefore unharmed. We are
spiritual pacifists, non-militants, conscientious objectors in
this battle-to-the-death with principalities and powers in high

Meekness must be had for contact with men, but brass,
outspoken boldness is required to take part in the comradeship
of the Cross. We are "sideliners"--coaching and criticizing the
real wrestlers while content to sit by and leave the enemies of
God unchallenged.

The world cannot hate us, we are too much
like its own. Oh that God would make us dangerous!"

Jim Elliot (1927-1956)

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