01 November 2010

Halloween Evangelism

This past Saturday night was the preferred night to Trick-or-Treat in our sub-division so I thought I would do something a little different this year.

Last year, as the kids walked up the driveway, I had candy in one hand and tracts in the other. This worked fine for awhile until the kids starting coming in very large groups and I couldn’t keep up in time and lots of kids never got a gospel tract.

New plan.

I set up a table on the drive way and placed lighted jack-o-lanterns on either side of the table and displayed between them several different types of tracts that would be appealing to all the age groups.

As the children arrived I handed out the candy and then directed them to the table to pick out which ever tract they desired.

Big Hit!

All in all we gave out four large bowls of candy and kids took well over 250 tracts. Some of them thanked me very much for the tracts and others tried to read them right there on the spot. Even some parents came over to take tracts as well.

For some reason the Obama Million Dollar Bills were the first to go. I had a brand new stack of 100 Obama’s (I normally couldn’t give those away no matter how hard I tried up here in the most conservative part of North Georgia) and put those in the center of the table. Kids mostly took those because it had the president’s picture on it.

Lighting the yard for the first time this year was my “Are You Ready” cross.

There were several parents that expressed their approval of the cross. I didn’t hear a single negative word about the cross but got a few, “ready for what?” questions when folks walked up to the table.

That's a great question! :)


  1. WONDERFUL!! Great ideas, Wayne! Love the tract table and, especially, the lit up cross. Glad to hear the evening went without a hitch. God was there!! Amen to that! I suppose you won't have to guess what you're going to do next year. Praise the Lord!

  2. That is a good plan for the night. I wanted to go door to door and have my boys pass tracks to the home owners. If the Lord waits to come before next year, we will do that.