24 November 2010

Black Friday Plans

My ministry partner will not be able to help me with Black Friday tracting and witnessing this year due to his work schedule.

If anyone is willing to help hand out tracts starting around 2:30am at Kohls and then moving on to Target, Belks and Best Buy as the different stores open their doors, I would greatly appreciate it!

If you're not able to participate with me this year, would you please commit to praying for me as I make my way through the night handing out tracts and doing a little open air witnessing?

If you can help out, please email me at Hisfeet@tds.net

Thank you and God bless!

1 comment:

  1. If I could be there, I would, dear brother. We will pray for laborers to join you.

    May the Great Almighty be your strength and confidence!