19 November 2010

Black Friday is coming!

Ok, maybe the crowd at the local Kohls' and Target won't look anything like the picture above. In fact, it just may be 50 people or maybe 20 people standing and waiting for the doors to open at 3am or 4am to get the deal of the day. But they are standing and waiting nonetheless!

Next Friday is said to be the biggest shopping day of the year and people are looking for bargains. What a perfect opportunity to reach the lost!!

While people are waiting in line to score the perfect gift we can tell them about the priceless gift God gave to mankind.

His Feet on the Street plans to tract, witness and do some open air next Friday at different locations starting at 3am and going until we give out.

More details to follow as we get closer to the big day.


  1. Wayne, as I visited this blog, I could not believe that I was not a follower. I signed up. I have you on my mailing list so I'm pretty sure you follow me as well. Do you have another blog that I may or should be a follower on?

  2. Hey Stan -

    I have put a hold on my other blog (www.dogonthelawn.blogspot.com) to focus on evangelism full time right now.

    Thanks for following!