12 October 2010

Pignic 2010

What's a Pignic?

The Pignic is an event where there will be food, games, music, dancing, crafts and, oh yeah, lots of people!

We have never tried to tract and witness at this event before so we don't quite know what to expect as far as the logistics go. But this event may the last major event taking place in our backyard this year; so we want to be there!

I'm not sure if we can actually be in Heritage Park yet. I don't know if the event will have the entire park grounds or just a section of it. The ideal situation would be that we could still have access to the park and not be inside the event.

God will provide us people to tract and witness to nonetheless -

Here's the plan as of now:

Let's plan to meet Saturday the 16th at 3:45pm at the entrance to the Park between Ingles and the YMCA.

Where: Heritage Park - Canton, Ga.
When: Saturday, October 16th
Time: 3:45pm to ??

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