06 October 2010

Hell - Separation from God?

Quite often we will hear well meaning pastors say in a gospel invitation that Hell is separation from God for all eternity. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Hell will be filled with the very presence of God... His just wrath will abide on sinners for all eternity.


  1. Paraphrasing Paul Washer here:

    "The best thing about Heaven is that God will be there. The worst thing about Hell is that God will be there."

  2. So true -

    So many people are deceived about the reality of Hell.

    Thanks Paul!

  3. @ Wayne.

    Often, when "separation from God" is said to be what unbelievers are "in for," an atheist will pop in with, "That would be great. If it turns out that there IS a God, being separatated from him for eternity will be fine with me."

    No; they will go into into the presence of a holy God still in the filthiness of their sins. Their guilty sonsciences will be "the worm that does not die." Their unfulfilled lusts and sinful desires will be "the fire that is not quenched."


  4. Right, Craig - For an atheist separation from God would be no big deal; no loss for him (in his eye's).

    That's why we should never fail to warn the sinner and plead with him that God's wrath abides on him for all erternity -