02 March 2012

A Gift and a Lift -

Here is a great post I just read over at The Word Street Journal from my brother in Christ, Paul Latour!!

A very close and dear friend of ours, Nicole, a sister in Christ and street evangelist extraordinaire, was feeling a bit on the downside in recent days. We all have days like that. I certainly do.

Christians, despite the joy we have in Christ, are not immune from suffering "the blues" from time to time. We, like everybody else on the planet, have feelings and emotions that cannot be ignored but, at the same time, we must be careful not to allow them to overwhelm us to the point of desperation. The benefit we have over nonbelievers, of course, is Christ in our lives and we know we can depend on Him to see us through the tough times just as He sees us through the good.

 I sent an e-mail to Nicole the other day to remind her that one of the best ways a Christian can have his or her heart lifted up and brought out of the duldrums is to go out and share his or her faith with people. I take it she welcomed the advice as I came home from work tonight and found this e-mail waiting for me:

Hi brother Paul,
Thanks for your reply... you were right it would boost my spirit.  I went out to the store tonight and prayed that God would give me the boldness to approach different people and have an opportunity to share with someone and He did, praise the Lord!
It was a glorious time and am so thankful the Lord answered my prayer.  Ever since I saw the video with the little old man from George street I've been wanting to approach people and ask them that question - "Are you saved? If you were to die tonight do you know where you would be going?". 
It was funny to see the reaction of the first two that I actually asked them directly like that. 

I got to give one of your tracts to a young man who is catholic.  

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