14 February 2012

Overcoming for the Purpose of Evangelism

From the writings of Timothy Muse

Here are some issues Christians must overcome to be most effective in evangelism:

Dependency on others
Christians must not only be willing to co-labor in the area of evangelism but be willing and able to spend time away from others and “go-it-alone” in sharing the gospel with others.

Initial Attacks by Unbelievers
Christians must not be dissuaded from evangelizing simply because unbelievers often will initially question their presumptiveness, discredit their credentials or accuse them of violating some type of man-made custom or rule.

Questioning of One’s Person and Ability to Provide
Christians must ready to admit that while the solution to the unbeliever’s needs are not found in us, we do know the hope and that hope is not only sufficient but satisfying.

Distractions by Unbelievers
Christians must realize that to avoid scrutiny of the truth unbelievers will seek to distract evangelistic efforts from getting to or dealing with sensitive or embarrassing issues by avoiding the topics, telling half truths, or trying to send evangelists down other paths.

Arguments Dealing With Differences Between Religions
Christians must not allow discussion to be sidetracked by unbelievers who seek to avoid dealing with issues of personal sin by treating Christianity as just one among the various religions for God holds men personally accountable regardless of differences in religions.

Delay Attempts
Christians must not let their evangelistic efforts rest simply because others want to put off dealing with their situation for Christ cannot be put off without rejecting Him and the grace he offers.

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