11 February 2012

Witnessing with Tracts

Good advice from an evangelism blog called "Soul Winning in North Louisiana"

Tracts are an effective way to witness. I believe in Gospel tracts! One man said that a tract has never blew up in anyone's hand! Giving out tracts can encourage even the most timid Christian. I have been using them since I was have been saved. I had a desire to tell someone about the Lord and what He has done for me. I still have that same desire!

James S. Stewart said this in his book titled "A Faith To Proclaim": "A Christian who is taking his faith seriously cannot but evangelize."

I ordered new tracts from onemilliontracts.com.

The Mancard has become one of my favorites. The men at our church really liked this one. When I approach a man with it, I ask if he has received his mancard. I explain that it is a gospel tract. I tell him that God wants us to be real men. I gave out three of these on my lunch yesterday at Walmart. I gave one to our UPS driver,too. I gave out a couple last night and a few today.

The Good Test tract came in an assortment pack of 100 tracts that you can get for $3.25. $1,000,000 bill tracts were in my assortment pack, too. I gave a few of these out at the drive-thru of McDonald's on Sunday after nursing home service. The worker at the money window was going to get her manager until I told her what it was. I gave another to the worker at the delivery window after she gave us napkins. I told her "I'll give you a million for them!"

Gospel tracts are a great way to share your faith. Order some today. Visit our links for ordering. If you have never gave them out, pray for the Lord to give you boldness to do so.

There is someone out there waiting for someone to give them the Good News! Will it be you?

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