01 November 2011

Here's your candy and don't forget to pick your favorite tract!

Another Halloween has come and gone and another 250-300 tracts found their way into the candy bags of children seeking sweets and treats.

For the second year in a row I set up the Candy/Tract table as an alternative way of distributing gospel tracts. I found that last year the kids really liked looking over the tract table and picking out their own tract as opposed to just handing them one as I gave out the candy.

Above: Here is the table with the "Are You Ready" cross in the background

Above and below: Close up of the table full of gospel tracts!

Below: Creepy and cool looking kids.

This year I even put out a couple Gideon Bibles for the heck of it and guess what? I had a 12 year old boy ask me if he could have one of the Bibles and a 10 year old girl ask for the other one because she had lost hers.

Note to self: Put more Bibles out next year -

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