25 October 2011

Project 180 - Team Kennesaw

Today was a huge day for Project 180.com!

More than 200,000 copies of the DVD were distributed across the USA and Canada by teams of people who value life at all stages.

Our team of seven (five of us below) descended on Kennesaw State University this morning around 9:30am and were able to hand out 1,400 DVD's in about an hour and a half before getting the order to stop from Campus Police.

 Left to Right: Cam, Wayne, Canyon, Julie & Vernon                                                                              

To make sure we covered as much of the campus as possible, we split up to maximize the distribution efforts and this worked well for the short time we were there.

                Randy giving out some DVD's

                 Julie handing out the DVD's

All went according to plan until Campus Police stepped in to put an end to the distribution of the DVD's. The police said we needed permission to be able to hand anything out as well as talk to anyone. Yup, talking to people too!

                 Eric being escorted off the campus

As a result of not getting permission to be on campus, four of us were issued a Criminal Trespassing Warning!

Here I am with my very first Criminal Trespassing Citation!

We were told if we stepped foot back on the campus there would be no more warnings, handcuffs would find their way to our wrists and we would be given a free ride to jail.

But all praise and glory goes to God for allowing us to give out 1,400 DVD's in the relative short time we were there. The project was a huge success on all the campus' across the nation!

Go HERE for a complete list of all the schools and number of DVD's distributed today!

Soli Deo Gloria - Glory to God alone!


  1. Good job on getting out there and standing up for your beliefs! Although I'm promoting 180 online, I think there is a greater impact with what you are doing.

    I hope you're checking on applicable laws and ordinances so bullying like this can be challenged.

  2. The Lord was gracious in His sovereignty to allow you the time to hand out as many DVD's as you did. So happy to hear of that. Glad you were able to meet and join brother Vernon in this great venture. I am sure it won't be the last time you work the gospel together. God is so good. All glory to Him for bringing you and your team together. God was glorified, a great pro-life message handed out and, most importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ received by many. Hallelujah! Way to go, bro!

  3. Quite epic, pops! You're officially a criminal now... according to that piece of paper, anyway.

    Have there been any mutterings about this national event from the secular world, I doth wonder? I'll have to look.

  4. Enjoyed every minute bro...looking forward to Black Friday!!