13 February 2011

Lost Hymn of the Week


Ye nations round the earth, rejoice
Before the Lord, your sovereign King,
Serve Him with cheerful heart and voice;
With all your tongues His glory sing.

The Lord is God; ’tis He alone
Doth life and breath and being give;
We are His work, and not our own;
The sheep that on His pastures live.

Enter His gates with songs of joy,
With praises to His courts repair;
And make it your divine employ
To pay your thanks and honors there.

The Lord is good, the Lord is kind;
Great is His grace, His mercy sure;
And the whole race of man shall find
His truth from age to age endure.

Isaac Watts


  1. Mmmmmm....beautiful.

    My first love is singing songs from a Psalter. No music. Just voice. No words of man but only the word of God.

    Before returning to Ottawa, I belonged to a Reformed Presbyterian Church in a small town where they sang the Psalms only, acapella. I found it weird at first but then quickly came to LOVE the singing of God's holy word. Not only that, by doing so I became more familiar with the Psalms as we sang them every week both in the morning and evening services. I miss singing them.

    Second to that, for me, would be the hymns of old, which we sing at our present church in Ottawa. Hymns by Watts, Newton, Crosby, Wesley, etc. Rich, glorious and sound in their theology and doctrine.

    Modern contemporary music just doesn't cut it for me. Not to say it's bad. Just not my preference.

    Thanks for the above, brother. Not familiar with that one at all. Good stuff! Thanks!

  2. Paul - I would love to sing the Psalms! How awesome would that be!

    Old hymns are my favorite. as you say, they are full of theology and doctrine unlike todays music. We rarely sing the old hymns at my church :(