24 August 2010

Academy Bound!

Well, it's finally here!

All the waiting and anticipating over the last few months is about to come to an end as I get on a plane Wednesday morning to head out to the Ambassadors Academy.

I am excited as well as nervous.

My team leader will be a guy I have nick-named Mike "The Beast". I previously had the honor of meeting Mike in New Orleans during Mardi Gras earlier this year. Mike came up to me within a few minutes of me holding my "Are You Ready" cross as hundreds of people were going to and fro. I affectionately named him "The Beast" because of his inability to not be going anything less than wide open.

The man preached, witnessed and handed out tracts without ceasing. A true evangelism warrior!

This was Mike five minutes after I met him. He asked me if he could hold my cross. He not only held my cross; he jumped up on a wall and started preaching like nobodies business!

God, in His providence, made sure I met Mike long before the Academy. Why? Maybe it was so I wouldn't be so freaked out once I got out to the Academy and had met "The Beast" for the first time and wondered what the heck I had gotten myself into.

I got to spend a day and a half with Mike in New Orleans and am now very humbled to know that he will be leading me and seven others on my team while at the Academy.

Praise God for that New Orleans meeting with Mike and praise God for allowing me this opportunity to attend the Academy for His glory!

See ya in a week -


  1. GO, WAYNE, GO !!!

    All rrriiiight! I am sure I speak for all those who have been praying for you these past few months since you found out you were able to go that we'll continue to do so even and especially through your weekend.

    The Lord MUST have something great in store for you, brother. The story behind how you got to go and the story behind you meeting Mike in Orleans only to have him be your leader in California is too much to pass off as 'conincidence'.

    May God bless you richly in the education, edification and encouragement that you are to receive in this wonderful opportunity.

    Can't wait to read all about it.

    GO, WAYNE, GO!

  2. humbled. humbled. HUMBLED at His GRACE & provision for you. There is NOTHING more exhilarating than WATCHING the Lord MOVE right in front of your face.

    Tears, tears, tears - He is SO GOOD.