22 February 2010

Big Easy Pictures

There's no place like home.

While we had a great time in New Orleans last week witnessing, passing out tracts and fellow shipping with brothers and sisters in Christ, it's good to be back in our corner of the world.

Where to start?

Well, first off, I want to thank God that He gave us the brothers and sisters in Christ to make this trip possible. Thank you to all those who gave financially so we could make the trip in the first place. I also want to thank all the prayer warriors we had that literally prayed without ceasing while we were down there. There were many times we felt those prayers when we were at our most vulnerable while sharing the gospel.

One brother asked me in church last night if we had anybody leave a conversation and then come back to ask more questions. "Yes, as a matter of fact we did", I said. He told me he prayed specifically for a person that would do just that!

On Tuesday afternoon (Fat Tuesday) I texted(sp?) several prayer warriors and asked for immediate prayers because of the wickedness and evil that was all around us at that moment. Within minutes I was getting messages back that let me know that prayers were going up for our protection, for God to confuse the enemy and that the Word of God would be preached unhindered.

God answered all those prayers.

During our time in New Orleans, we were able to pass out over 1300 tracts, personally witness to a couple dozen folks.

Here are some photo's.........

That's me getting ready to pass out tracts down Bourbon Street (Notice the words "Cult" in the upper right hand of picture)

Nope, that's not a hood...that's my faithful ministry partner!

We took the cross to the Big Easy

This is Mike (Sorry Mike, I can't recall your last name...email me please) who took up the cross and started preaching like nobodies business!!

Mike preaching to the crowd

Three young men I had the privilege of sharing law and grace with

My partner sharing law and grace

Looking down Bourbon Street after we had just finished tracting and witnessing all the way down it

Everyone gets a tract

I am working on videos I hope to upload this week.

Stay Tuned!


  1. HEY! Welcome back! Great work, guys! Looked like quite a challenge and looks like you stood up to it! God be praised! And praise God as well for the prayer warriors. They cannot be taken for granted.

    All is good! Well, maybe not for that guy in the bottom picture that you were trying to give a tract to. He seemed to be what the Lord would call "stiffnecked". :)

  2. Thanks Paul -

    Yes, that man was hardened.

  3. Sweet! Bourbon Street - I've seen tons of some pretty crazy evangelism vids from that place. Pretty wild uh? Don't quite Bro...King Jesus will soon return!

  4. So awesome. The prayers clearly worked as you guys came home safe and sound, with incredible testimonies concerning the Gospel along with you.