31 August 2010

Academy Photo's

Mike open-air preaching

Stop Light Preaching (I really enjoyed this)

Ray Comfort open air

How does this guy sleep at night?

One to one street evangelism

Me and, ugh, what's his name?

Me and Jessica Kidwell (AKA Chipper Fisher)

Me and Tony Miano

Me and Mike the Beast

I had an amazing time at the Academy. I was able to step way, way out of my comfort zone and let God use me in a new way.

I developed an even greater concern and deeper compassion for the lost than I already had.

I really can't put into words the experience of the Academy, and, quite frankly, it's not fair to try to.

There are so many people that worked very hard to put on the Academy and humbled themselves to take care of us, mentor us, teach us, encourage us, push us, stretch us and be a godly influence to us, that there is no way to really thank them for all they did.

If you ever have an opportunity to go to one of the Ambassador's Academy training, you should go. The 2011 dates are now up on the website.


  1. Hey, welcome back brother!

    Prayers answered! Can't wait to see where the Lord takes you with all this now that you are back home. Will continue to hold you up in prayer on that one.

    God bless you, Wayne. So pleased to see this all worked out according to God's plan. Not surprised, just pleased. I rejoice with you.

    Enjoyed the photos and the 'speechless' report.

    Press on, brother! Amen! :)

  2. I am compelled to pray also for all you guys. I call you guys street preachers. We are here in the Bible belt here in NC. Here everybody's saved, and we don't see nobody doing what you guys do. I am praying for the lord to raise up street preachers here. We do hand out the tracks thou. Grace 2 you all.

  3. Callieg -

    Last week was the first time I ever street preached. I have witnessed to hundreds of people and handed out thousands of tracts here in the Bible Belt and almost everyone claims they are saved.

    Callieg, if I can get up on a box and street preach, ANYONE can....trust me.

    Go to http://gostandspeak.com and get the video they are promoting. Also, go to http://gostandspeak.com/blog/?page_id=560 and check out the MP3's and PDF's they have there for free.

    You can do this!