01 September 2009

Rejection Collection Challenge -

Challenge from Ray Comfort

When giving out tracts, the law of averages means that with every rejection you are getting closer to being accepted, and it indicates that you are doing something to reach the lost. One sure way to get no rejections is to do nothing to reach the lost. No one will reject you, and one sure way to get rejections is to try to reach the lost.

So, I changed my attitude recently and when my first rejection came, I was expecting it. Instead of it being like a sword through my sensitive little heart, I said, "Great. Thanks!" and thought, "There's my first one...I was expecting it." The experience made me laugh.

Here's a challenge for those of you who are as sensitive as me. We will send a free Season Three to the person who gets the most rejections between now and September 10th. Just count the tracts you give out, keep a count of the rejections, and then work out the percentage of rejections.

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