29 August 2009

"Are You Ready" - Ready!

After reading about a couple passionate street preachers (Tony Miano from the LawMan Chronicles and Paul Latour from The Word Street Journal) and their zeal for creating an evangelism tool with the words, "Are You Ready" boldly painted on 4' by 3' cross, I knew that this ole North Georgia boy could find a few uses for such a tool in the deep south.

I gave a call to one of my witnessing partners who has all the tools Tim the 'Toolman' Taylor could ever dream to have and set up at his house to cut some boards and drill a hole. A couple other of my witnessing buds came by and supervised the project.

We didn't get to do the lettering last week as someone : ) forgot to bring the stencils.

My goal was to have my wife (the steady hand ) paint the letters on this morning and I would go down to a busy section of road and debut the cross.

Unfortunately a kidney stone had other plans for me today.

After a few hours of unwanted pain I got the materials together for my wife to put on the lettering. She did a great job but the time had already slipped away from me and the goal of heading down to a busy road in Woodstock, Ga.

That's Ok....next Saturday!


  1. Wayne.
    I cant wait to hear about next Saturday!! I am gonna make a cross too...soon

  2. I know the Bible says: "Iron sharpens iron" but maybe in this case, wood sharpens wood. :)

    What started in California went on to Ontario (Canada) and is now in Georgia. God be praised! I hope this idea catches on with others in various places. It is such an effective tool.

    May the Lord bless your use of the questioning cross in your ministry, Wayne. Looking forward to reading your first report whenever the Lord provides the opportunity.

  3. Wow, it turned out great. You're going to be right next to my apartment, just about, right? I'm going to heckle you. :)

  4. Very cool Vernon!

    Thank you Paul!

    Staged heckling just doesn't seem right Joe ;)