02 November 2012

Tract and Treat -

Christians are divided when it comes to Halloween. I have heard from brothers and sisters in Christ who are in favor of participating in the Halloween festivities and from brothers and sisters in Christ who are not in favor of participating.

But there is one thing for certain: Halloween happens and lost people come to my house in droves every October 31st.

Knowing that this is the one day of the year that this happens, I am ready (No pun intended) with hundreds and hundreds of tracts of varying types for the different age groups that will come.

This is as easy as it gets for getting the gospel into the hands of the lost.

They come. I hand out candy. I tell them to pick out a tract of their choosing from the table.

Tracts galore!

Kids deciding which tracts they want!

Me in camo with my daughter and grandson -

May God be glorified and may He use those tracts to bring many to faith in Christ!

 Soli Deo Gloria -

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  1. I wrote an article with a similar approach. Some people get downright legalistic, some think nothing of it and insult God with images of Satan, witches, death and so forth. But when else will people come to your door and give you an opportunity to at least give out a tract?