27 October 2012


Had a little bit of time this afternoon to go down to Heritage Park in Canton, Ga. to try out my new amp I got for my birthday a few weeks ago.

As some of you know (and I'm sure most do not) I would not consider myself an extrovert or a "Type-A" personality by any stretch of the imagination. I tremble at the thought of public speaking and still get very nervous any time Cam or Vernon and I go out to share the gospel.

So for me to actually get up on a box, read Scripture or open-air witness, it takes more than just my shear will power to accomplish the task; it takes prayer and the Holy Spirit.

In order for me to try out my new amp, to make sure the sound levels reach the intended targets (other than my living room that is), I actually needed to go somewhere outside...duh. While Cindy and I were out today I stopped over at Heritage Park, set up my stool, and proceeded to read the Gospel of John chapters 1 and 3 as well as a portion of the Sermon on the Mount from Matthew chapter 7.

The whole time I was reading the Scripture, there was a small family of about five people playing frisbee and sliding down the small hills in the park. After I finished reading, I open-aired Law and Gospel to the family. They paid no attention to me that I could tell, but knowing that God's Word will not return void, I gave Him the glory for the time out there -


  1. Wayne,
    Thank you for sharing this. Knowing that you would not consider yourself an extrovert but yet knowing you do go out and share the gospel and open air preach is very encouraging to the introverts out here (myself especially)- it removes the excuses and reminds us of our reliance on prayer and the Holy Spirit for even the steps to make it out the door. I appreciate your continual posts. Thank you for posting them.

    And...nice birthday gift!

  2. Brother,

    The very moment you lose that sense of butterflies in your stomach before stepping up on the box, that's the moment you know you are there in your own flesh and not in God's Spirit. That sense causes us to go to our knees to plead for Him to intervene in our hearts and minds that we may effectively proclaim His word. I've been doing this now for 5 years and still shudder inside before stepping up. But once I'm up, I'm up and preaching. Bloopers and all, it still gives glory to God. I thank the Lord for your faithfulness and obedience in spite of it all. Praise the Lord!


  3. I need to have my wife buy me an amp like that! Praise God for your faithfulness and support of a loving wife!