21 May 2012

Three-fer Saturday!

His Feet on the Street completed a "Hat Trick" Saturday hitting three big events in Cherokee County.

Vernon Costolo from "Proclaiming the Truth" joined His Feet for the first event of the day at the Canton Art's and Craft's Show in Canton, Georgia. We were able to hand out a few hundred tracts and have some great gospel sharing conversations before Vernon had to go to work  -

Vernon found a very friendly spot to stand and hand out some tracts; the parking lot of the Canton Police Department :)
                                                Evangelism Warriors Cam and Vernon

Cam Sharing with a young couple

Cam sharing with an older couple (we don't discriminate!)

Discussing the Law while the law looked on -

After we left the Art's and Craft's show, we went and got a bite to eat and then headed over to Ball Ground's Heritage Day Festival. While we were there we had a few good conversations and handed out a couple hundred Gospel tracts!

After a couple hours at Heritage Day, we headed back to Canton for the monthly Car Show where we were able to hand out a few hundred more Gospel tracts and talk to several people in about an hour and half before the rain came.

We praise and give all glory to God for the opportunities He gave us to share the Gospel and hand out tracts to receptive hands. We pray that God was glorified and Jesus was proclaimed mightily-

We pray that through the conversations and the tracts, God leads many to repentance and faith in the Name above all names; Jesus Christ.


  1. Amen....wonderful time it was brother!!

  2. Great work team. A hat trick no less! God bless you all!