10 May 2011

Main Street Mania?

This past Saturday, His Feet hit the streets in Jasper during Main Street Mania to hand out tracts and do some one-to-one evangelism.

For the second Jasper event in a row, the expected crowd was not up to our expectations. It seems there were only a handful of people that had come out to listen to the band that was to play while we were there.

Nevertheless, we tried to get a tract in the hands of everyone there (even the band members took some tracts) and we were thankful that God blessed us with some folks there that we could verbally share the gospel with!

Here is a quick video of our short time there

1 comment:

  1. Hey, brother! Praising God you folks were out there anyway. Even if just for one, we should never forsake our duty to reach out to share the Good News. Nice work on the video. Enjoyed the music, as well. No better way to spend the day. :)