23 May 2011

Canton Art Festival

I had originally planned to go out to the Art Festival on Saturday and spend a couple hours there doing some one-to-one, but my lower back was not in the mood to go.

The event was a two day event so I thought I would spend a couple hours there after church on Sunday. For the most part the crowd was in a great mood and I was able to hand out about a 100 tracts (without a single rejection!) and talk with several folks.

One of the Way of the Master students from my Wednesday evening class joined me for the last 45 minutes I was there and got to watch, listen and observe as I used the big "Non-Event" of Saturday to start up conversations and talk with people about their eternal destinies.

Always be ready to start up conversations using current or world changing events and then be ready to make a connection (or swing) from the natural to the spiritual.

My lead in for a conversation was this easy:

Me: Did you get your Million Dollar Bill yet?

Them: LOL...I wish it was a real million dollars.

Me: I know, right? Hey, I'm with a street ministry called "His Feet on the Street" and I'm out here today asking people about the big Non Event of yesterday. What's your take on all that?

That's all I had to say to start the conversation and then I just stood back and let the people talk. When the time was right I steered the conversation away from Harold Camping and his false prophecy and turned it toward their personal accountability to God.

Only one person didn't want to continue the conversation once I steered it from a general talk about God to a personal talk about God.

Praise God for His faithfulness and may He receive all the glory and honor!

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