28 December 2010

Open Air Preaching

Mike "The Beast" Stockwell open air preaching -


  1. At the end: "I don't know if I covered everything properly." ???????????????

    Ya preached the gospel in a nutshell. Ya didn't miss a thing, Mike. God be praised.

  2. I couldn't make it very far (into the video).

    Notice the little girl at the start of the video with her hands over her ears? That's how I felt listening to it.

    It just seems so un-Jesus like.

    I hope that little girl's heart(and others) won't be hardened to the message of the gospel. It can happen, you know.

    I know many here will disagree with me, but I still feel it is far more fruitful to just talk to people one on one (no shouting or cajoling), find out their hurts, and then tell them what Christ has done for you (in your pain)and what Christ has done for them.

  3. Ya...I'm going to disagree in a major way Steve.

    The wind is blowing pretty hard and it's cold outside. Maybe there are other reasons the girl has her hands over her ears. Actually, Mike is not preaching that loud to begin with...

    If God is going to save that girl, she will be saved. If it is under Mike's preaching on the street or sitting in a mellow church service pew; God will save her if it is His will.

    Un-Jesus like? Are you serious? Did Jesus not preach outdoors? How do you know if his voice was elevated or not? I think to preach to a few thousand people, you might have to raise your voice some.

    I wonder how many people were listening to Jesus at the sermon on the Mount? Could there have been a little girl there covering her ears because she was in the front row?

    Would you have told Jesus that maybe this was a little too loud for that little girl and it just might harden her heart to never want to hear the gospel again?

    How can one street preacher walk up and down a pier, a street, a sidewalk, etc. and talk to every person as they go by and find out their hurts before he shares the gosple with them?

    He can't.

    Mike has drawn a crowd, gave them law and gospel and waited for questions. In just a few hours, he will preach to more lost people than a typical church pastor preaches to in a month of Sundays.

    Jesus said to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature. He did not tell us to go and find out what individual peoples hurt and pains were and then give them the gospel.

  4. People can evangelize one on one anywhere they go. it is not hard to meet people and talk to them, even for a couple of minutes.

    I think this steet preaching often turns Christians into caracatures.

    The little girl may have been cold, but it sounded pretty loud and caustic to me, anyway. It wasn't cold where I was but it made me want to cover my ears. And "the beast" moniker, how does that relate to things Godly?

    I just can't see Jesus acting like that.

    Jesus met people in their need, and met that need. Nothing to size up and decide if it is a good deal, or not. He just gave of himself.

    Jesus did say go into all the world and to baptize and teach about himself.

    I do think this street preaching style puts Christians in a box and hardens hearts.

    I also think many people, whether they know it or not, are proping themselves up by doing it. It is a tangible means for them to prove that they are really Christians. Not all, of course, but I believe it so for many.

    I know I will change your mind on this, but I also know many people, who do agree with me on this.

    Thanks, Wayne.

  5. Wayne,

    I was wrong to criticize Mike.

    There are all kinds of ways to spread the gospel. This may not be my way, but it is a way.

    Take care, and a Happy New Year to you and yours.