29 September 2010

2010 Marble Festival

Each week a different event seems to be bringing thousands of people our way!

This week is no exception -

This Saturday and Sunday the annual Marble Festival comes to Jasper, Georgia.

A couple years ago we had a run in with the director of the Festival and then the police for exercising our free speech rights......Last year at the Festival we were pleasantly surprised when we arrived at our meeting point; check this out -

The Marble Festival is a huge opportunity to talk to lost people and hand out hundreds upon hundreds of tracts.

If you have never handed out a gospel tract (for whatever reason) this is your golden opportunity.

If you have never had a conversation with a lost person before about their eternal destiny (for whatever reason) this day is for you!

My ministry partner and I will be there to encourage you and help you out of your comfort zone -

Please make plans to join us this Saturday!!!

Where: Lee Newton Park in Jasper, Georgia.
When: Saturday, October 2nd.
Time: 1:30 to ???

If you have tracts, bring them....If not, don't worry, I will have plenty.

Note: We will NOT be going into the Festival grounds. We will meet at 1:30pm outside the paying entrance and group up 2x2 to hand out tracts and witness on the public sidewalks just outside the grounds. Hundreds of people will walk these sidewalks to and from the Festival.

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