14 May 2010

Indian Festival Video

Here is a witnessing encounter I had with a couple at the Indian Festival. This conversation lasted about 15 minutes and I tried a few times to reconcile the gentleman's Christian confession with his reincarnation beliefs.

When I tried to transition the conversation to the Law, the gentleman would tell me he didn't want to get into a religious discussion.

1 comment:

  1. Talk about a mixed bag of cookies!

    He's a Christian; he's a Buddhist at the same time (though did not say so); he doesn't care what bible people read because they all say the same thing; he doesn't want to talk about religion but talked about religion with you, etc...then he apologizes for confusing the issue and recommends viewers to check the internet out for clarification of the truth instead of God's Word.

    No wonder there is so much work for us Christians to do(and undo). Good job being out there, brother.