17 May 2010

Heritage Festival

Updated - Here is one of the team members from last Saturday with her comments on her conversation with one of the young men she had the opportunity to witness to.

I sat with Ellis, the cool dude that Wayne is hanging with in another Pic. “Patrick” was a 19 year old man from a small town in GA & they worked weekends running bungee jumping games together at festivals. Early on while I was talking to Ellis Patrick tried to get up & I stopped my chat with Ellis & asked him to stay and talk with me.

There is so much to say about Patrick, as we spoke for about 30 minutes or so.
Patrick was um, LOST! He has obviously been very influenced by the world in terms of his belief system. His grandmother had just died & he was “angry at God. “ (this was after he said he “didn’t believe” in Him).

He had never really attended church. We talked about evolution (thankfully we just had that WOTM lesson!) At one point he stated that he really identified more with the “Romans & their gods” rather than one Creator. He asked me to explain how; if Jesus was a Jew he could be the savior.

That was interesting.

Since he was very interested in world cultures I asked him if he would take just one night & explore the Word. Wayne offered up a bible & I flagged the book of John for him. I asked him to invest in one evening’s worth of reading to explore the Truth as one option for him to consider. I handed him the bible & he said he would not read one word of it; he was “just not interested”.

Patrick said that if Jesus Christ was real, he wanted to be visited by him in the flesh to prove that he was God. I told him he could have that encounter in the spirit if he explored the Word & ask God to reveal Himself to Patrick.

At one point during our conversation he did graciously allowed me to share the gospel with him. We went through the Law & Christ’s gift of salvation. Patrick is a very hardened young man.

I asked if I could pray with him – nope. I told he couldn’t stop me from praying for him. He said that was fine. We parted & Patrick went back to work.


When I awoke the next morning he was the first thing that popped into my head. I cried a few tears, prayed for him and put my feet on the ground to start my day. Lord I pray you will draw Patrick to Yourself & that he would be a testimony to You on this earth.

Thank you C for your compassion for reaching the lost people all around us. It is a blessing for me (more than you know) to see those who have been through the WOTM classes out there on the frontlines of the battlefield.

Keep up the good work in the Lord!

This past Saturday "His Feet on the Street" headed down to Ball Ground, Georgia to see if we could talk to people about spiritual things during the annual Heritage Festival.

The weather was a little hot and a lot muggy and we even had a mini storm to come up and run folks off for a while.

Our team of four handed out tracts and talked to those who would let us. It seemed every time I turned around, the ladies in our group were connecting with people and getting to have some great conversations. When I saw the girls chatting with people I would stop handing out tracts and pray for them right then.

One of the things I try to do we when go out to witness is to make sure everyone has a partner. This is huge! When one person is engaged in conversation, the other person should be quietly praying (For God to draw that person to Christ, for no distractions, for the full gospel to be proclaimed,etc.).

Here are some pictures from Saturday -

Above: One team member witnessing to some teens.

Here I am with a young man named Thomas whom I had the pleasure of talking with for a while.

Here I am with one cool cat named Ellis. Ellis and I had a great conversation right after the mini storm shut down the bungee rides he was operating.

Here is one of our team members having a tough and heart breaking conversation with a young man (maybe I can get her to post a few words about this conversation... how about it C?).

Here is my wife with a couple guys (Thomas and Jason) she had the pleasure of talking to. The fellow on the right, Jason, is a new believer in Christ.

Thank you Lord for allowing us the time to spend with these folks. I pray each and every tract that we passed out and the conversations we had will bring glory and honor to You. I pray Father that you use those tracts and conversations to bring people to repentance and faith in Christ.

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