09 November 2009

Pride Fest: Team Member Perspective Take Five

Wayne teamed me up with his ministry partner who has a lot of experience with evangelism. I am shy and awkward around other people and my job was to walk with and stand and pray as my team mate introduced people to the Lord. My team mate approached a number of people and delivered "million dollar bills" and questioned and searched for open doors. My partner is very friendly, open and caring and does not intimidate people. It seemed to me that he was having more of an impact on people than he thought he was.

We went to one booth with two young women selling t-shirts and other small items. One of the women was named "L". My team mate began as usual and I prayed for an open door and that God would speak through him. He began to focus on "L" and she was speaking openly and honestly with him. During their chat it felt like there was electricity in the air around us and it became intense.

At a certain point it was like a lightning bolt came down, through my partner and into "L". I saw it, my team mate saw it and the woman's friend saw it. It shocked both of them and even me and her friend became very nervous and started moving things around on the table and trying to distract "L". She got up and walked outside and came back several times as though she didn't know what to do. I watched the friend while my partner kept talking with "L". I have known Wayne's ministry partner for several years and this was his voice but it didn't sound like him speaking. There was no hesitation at all and every word seemed to be chosen by God specifically for "L". This may sound overly dramatic and I can't say what really happened but this was what it felt like to me.

It was truly an awesome experience!

I know our people fairly well and their hearts do not contain hatred for anyone. They were there out of love and concern for people's souls. It had nothing to do with homosexuality. These were God's children they were talking with.

Here's the part that Wayne and my team mate don't know yet:

For the rest of the morning I felt lighter as though a burden had been lifted from me as my partner continued to approach other people. In our condensed, 4 session, Way of the Master class Wayne had asked us all to examine our hearts and ask "Am I doing enough?". The answer is clearly no. Went to most of his 8 part series and then to this festival with them.

My part was small but was a blessing to me!

I had a commitment to be at the Capitol at noon for a protest against corruption in government. Got there about 12:30 and said "Sorry for being late, was at the Gay pride festival." Jaws dropped and someone said "NO WAY".

This gave me the perfect opportunity to hand out 4 million dollars and explain what we were doing and why. Explained that we hadn't gone there to protest but to save souls. Told them about "Way of the Master" and the Ten Commandments and discussed it with them.

For most people this would not be a big deal but it was another cliff for me to jump from.

This was a great day for me!


I know that you were way outside your comfort zone that Saturday. I praise God that you swallowed your fears and joined us in proclaiming the good news to the lost.

You went from a classroom environment on learning how to share your faith to actually watching someone share their faith to handing out tracts yourself.

We may be hearing about you open air preaching on the streets of Canton soon!

Thank you for your obedience and thank you for being a huge part of His Feet on the Street!!!



  1. Wayne,

    It's obvious in these testimonies that the Lord is blessing your work. I pray and trust (actually I am 100 percent sure) that He will continue to the good work through you and your team way down in your neck of the woods. Encouraging, isn't it?

  2. Hey Dawg,

    Take Five may think he is "shy and awkward" but he is being obedient to the Holy Spirit.

    I think we will see more of his obedience in the near future.

    Its all good.