07 November 2009

Pride Fest: Team Member Perspective Take Four

First and foremost I felt compelled to go and in any way possible proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Upon arriving at Piedmont Park I was struck by a number of issues. It was overwhelming to see the number of vendors situated around the park catering to the homosexual community. As we passed several of them I could feel the presence of Satan and that was a chilling experience in of itself.

However our purpose there was to spread the gospel and as we found out quickly was not easy to do. Nobody was really interested in talking about the true gospel nor were they happy to receive a track. However we continued to pass them out until ordered not to. Except for the Christians there trying their best to proclaim God’s Holy Word, it seemed as though there was a complete absence of the Holy Spirit. However we pressed on remembering the Great Commission.

I pray that someone, after reading a track, had second thoughts about their lifestyle and fell down on their knees to proclaim Christ as their Savior.

The ramped sin was everywhere and what bothered me the most was the exposure of little children accompanied by homosexuals as if to say to them this lifestyle is acceptable. As I walked I prayed and asked God to at least deliver the children to Jesus. I guess we will not know in this lifetime what, if any, impact we may have had, however I am comfortable that what we did was what God asked of us and I would do it again when needed.

Remembering always first we PRAY.

I think we always need to remember Psalm 114 and what God did for His people, He still performs miracles and that next person we talk to could be the one He is waiting for.


Thank you for your obedience in helping us bring the gospel to a small section of the world last Saturday morning!

Your presence there was like having a patriarch among our midst!!

God bless you!


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