09 October 2009

All powerful

A new convert was reading his Bible when he called out, “Wow! Praise the Lord!”

A liberal minister heard him, and asked him what the noise was about. The young Christian replied with great enthusiasm, “This is incredible. It says here that God performed a miracle of deliverance by opening up the Red Sea for the Jews to march through!”

The minister replied, “Owing to tidal patterns around that time of year, the Red Sea was a swamp that was only three inches deep.”

Somewhat subdued, the young man continued reading, but soon exclaimed, “Wow! Praise the Lord!”

“What’s the matter now?” asked the minister. The Christian replied, “God has just drowned the whole Egyptian army in three inches of water!”

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Many times when witnessing to an unbeliever, he will try to knock you off your horse with tales of evolution, seemingly 'contradictions' in the Bible and fantastic unbelievable events (Noah's Ark, Jonah and the great fish, etc).

If you know a little apologetics you would like use to defend God's Word, by all means do so; but never at the expense of sharing the gospel.

It's easy to get wrapped up defending God's Word and forget all about the reason your sharing your faith to begin with; reaching the lost.

Apologetics are wonderful and biblical, but if we fail to share the gospel with the person we are talking to then we miss the opportunity to offer that person God's awesome plan of salvation.



  1. Understanding what the theory of evolution actually is, knowing the counter-arguments to standard apologetic arguments, and why (from their/our point of view) non-believers are non-believers would probably go a very long way to having a fruitful discussion with people like myself.

    My experience is that evangelists don't do the above, so we have these discussions where we're talking past each other.

    Just my 2 cents.

  2. Yay, drowning Egyptians is great. Go God!