19 May 2009

Stop Light Preaching

From Evangelize Your City

This evening one of our team members Bill Colmer and I went downtown and stood across the street from the RSA tower in downtown Montgomery. Between 4:30 and 5:30PM, individuals from the massive office building flock to the parking garage across the street to their vehicles and head home.

We prayed for an opportunity to witness and we got one. Bill and I stood across from each other as the workers made an attempt to their cars. We politely and respectfully handed out as many tracts as we could. We had the opportunity to use our new portable PA again and preach to those that were waiting to cross as the street. Many heard the word today. I read the Sermon on the Mount again and touched based with some of them on where will they spend eternity and the law or 10 commandments.

You don’t have much time. 2 or 3 minutes maybe to say what you need to say. But it was good. We had the pleasure of praying for one individual on bike and gave him some water.

I saw a policeman watching from a nearby parking lot. After we packed up, I went and spoke to him and he was a policeman that our group had witnessed to a few weeks back at a Third Day concert her in town. We talked about witnessing a little and I told him we were praying for him.

One lady puled up and thanked us for what we were doing. But no glory to us. I encouraged her to as a Christian as well to do the same. I pray she does. Please pray for us as we continue this part of our ministry.

We asked for a place to witness and we got it.

Be encouraged. Now go light the Darkness!


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