23 May 2009

Sermon on the Mount -

The Sermon on the Mount was read out loud in the public square in Canton, Georgia Saturday afternoon. The weather ended up not becoming a factor and for the first time in my life I loudly read the Bible to a small group of people.

The plan was originally to read in a nearby park but the people of Canton were not in a park mood. A dear brother in Christ suggested I read on Main Street where there was some people gathered and a small band had been playing.

We quickly walked over to square on Main Street where the band was tearing down their set up.

There was maybe a dozen people in all still hanging around when I jumped up on the brick wall and started reading.
By the time I had read through the 5th chapter and was well into the 6th, the people had made their way out of there.

When I had finished reading I was ready to preach on the 'wide road' and the 'narrow path' but there was no one left to preach to. I think the birds even left.

But that's Ok.

This was my first time being the center of attention for the glory of the Lord. I am normally a quiet, behind the scenes kind of person. I just like to hand out tracts and witness 'one to one'; that's more my style...my comfort zone.

Today I took a giant step out of my comfort zone.

I pray that God uses those 15 minutes for His glory and may His Word that was spoken today not return void, but accomplish His perfect will.


  1. A whole bunch o' thumbs up! Atta be, Wayne! Been there and know what its like. The Lord is good! Far from perfect and never will be until there won't be a need to preach anymore. Press on, brother!

  2. YEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! Way to step out of your comfort zone! Keep it up!