30 June 2013

Mission Ottawa / New England - Part 1

Eight days on the road -

Six flights across North America -

Four days each in Ottawa, Canada and Providence, Rhode Island -

Two loving and gracious host families -

One glorious gospel proclaimed -

Now that Mission Ottawa / New England is over and Vernon Costolo and I are reunited with our families, we look back and rejoice and give glory to God over the last week recalling the wonderful friends we made along the way, the places we have been and seen as well as the many chances we had to share the gospel, either one-to-one with people, or by the open-air opportunities we had with the multitudes.

I was personally blessed to hear God glorifying street preaching from the likes of Mike Stockwell, Robert S. Gray and Chris Sippley of JeremiahCry Ministries. God gave me many one-to-one conversations where I had the honor and privilege of personally of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. God also allowed me many opportunities to proclaim the gospel to multitudes of people via open-air.

         Combined teams of Mission Ottawa and Jeremiah Cry

Left to Right; Kim, Me, Vernon and Paul of Team Ottawa

Mike Stockwell of Jeremiah Cry thundering the gospel in Ottawa

Robert S. Gray heralding the gospel at the bus station in Ottawa

Chris Sippley of Jeremiah Cry in a one-to-one conversation

Vernon in a one-to-one gospel sharing opportunity

Vernon proclaiming the gospel despite a heckler trying to shut him down (more on this later)

Me handing a tract to a passerby while on the box

Here I am in a one-to-one with a fellow who is a Eastern Orthodox Christian

I had several opportunities to open air on the streets of Ottawa

God gave me an opportunity to witness and pray for this man in Ottawa

This posting is just a quick overview of our four days in Ottawa. Tomorrow I will give a quick overview of our four days in the New England area.

Over the next week or so, I will post stories of our evangelism mission trip in both Ottawa and the New England area. Stories that I hope will encourage you and embolden you to share your faith with strangers who, unless they hear the gospel, have no hope in this world or the eternity to come. I will also share many more pictures and maybe a video or two.....maybe I will even share with you my first encounter with a Beavertail and some Dutch Babies  ;-)

Soli Deo Gloria!




  1. The pleasure and honor was all ours in having you with us this year, brother. It was so good to finally meet you and a privilege to work our Feet On The Street with you. You have been and are of great encouragement to us and we thank the Lord for you. Please pray that the Lord would enable you to come back next year. We would love to have you and Vernon join us again. There are lots more Dutch Babies where they come from! :)

    In Christ's love,

    Paul & Kim

  2. Can't wait to hear more--prayed for the team often during the trip.

  3. Thank you for the kind words, Paul. What a joy it was to finally meet you and Kim and be able to proclaim the gospel together on the streets of Ottawa. I look forward to seeing what God has in store for next year!

  4. Katrina, thank you so much for your prayers! We needed every word of them for sure. It such a humbling thought to know that there are prayer partners out there (many of whom I have never met like you) who are interceding on behalf of us and the lost we are seeking. Praise God for you!