21 December 2012

Vernon Costolo and 100 Days with the Cross!

"It is only fitting that the last 100 days I spent with the cross would be the 100th post on my blog. The 100 days out with the cross was a result of being inspired by my friend and dear brother Paul Latour of The Word Street Journal during Mission Ottawa 2012. He took his cross out on multiple days during his vacation. That inspired me to challenge myself to go at out on the streets for at least an hour a day for 100 days. (Unless there were hurricane force winds :-) )This is a brief synopsis of my last 100 days with the cross."

So begins a re-cap of the 100 days my brother in the Lord, Vernon Costolo, writes about his cross-walking adventures on his blog "Proclaiming the Truth".

I first "met" Vernon via his blog while he was still living in West Virginia and was blown away by his boldness and faithfulness to take the gospel to the lost. About a year and a half ago, Vernon re-located to Georgia and whether he is open-air preaching, handing out tracts, having one-to-one conversations or standing alone on a corner with a cross, Vernon's boldness is unmatched in the north Georgia area.

I have been blessed many, many times to go along side Vernon and share in what God is doing through him. I am very thankful and blessed that I have been given the privilege to know him, labor with him and witness first hand how God is blessing this man.

I love this brother!

Please take a few minutes and read the rest of his post on the last 100 days he has been out with his "Are You Ready" cross -

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