28 September 2012

2012 RiverFest

His Feet on the Street will join up with Vernon Costolo from Proclaiming the Truth to crosswalk the RiverFest this Saturday (September 29th) from 10am to at least 12 noon.

For the past few years HFOTS has gone into the RiverFest parking lots to hand out thousands of tracts and have dozens of One-to-One conversations.

Last year, while in the parking area of the RiverFest (not in the actual event), RiverFest organizers complained to the local police that we could not be on the grounds to hand out literature and talk to people.

The local police came and told us if we did not leave we would be arrested for trespassing. We tried out best to be polite as we explained, to no avail, that we were not in the actual event, but in the parking areas of the event (which were public school grounds). The police were having none of it and so we left after still having the pleasure of handing out hundreds of tracts that day.

This year Vernon and I will crosswalk the public sidewalks leading into the event with hopes of handing out a few tracts and, God willing, having a few conversations with folks on their way into the event.

Can't wait to see what God has in store for us!

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