19 June 2011

Car Show Saturday

Had a great hour witnessing with brother Cam yesterday at the car show - Had a tough conversation with a very self-righteous man who had been saved and born-again "many times", believed God was "all love" and picked and chose which parts of the Bible were true.

After we left Mr. Self Righteous we had a great conversation with a couple teens (boyfriend/girlfriend) where God's law seemed to truly convict them of their sins and the gospel really made sense to them for the first time. They both said that they had never heard the law and gospel explained that way before.

The gospel will always make sense to the lost when they are confronted by God's perfect Ten Commandments because they finally understand that they have sinned against a holy and righteous God.

Against the backdrop of the sinfulness of sin, the light of the gospel shines brightly as the only way man can be reconciled to God.


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