17 July 2010

My most famous recipient of a tract yet!

I was a solo fisherman at the Canton Car Show today. The weather had been threatening all day and I wasn’t sure if there would even be a car show.

When I arrived and started unpacking tracts, I took a quick look around and noticed that there were not many classic cars in the parking lot as usual…uh-oh.

I waited at the meeting spot hopeful that a few fishermen would join me today but it soon became apparent that I was flying solo on this particular afternoon.

No worries.

I prayed up and headed out and started handing out tracts to the few people that were there after the big rain storm that sent most all cars and car enthusiasts scrambling for an early exit. I talked with one gentleman who was there with his son and their classic Chevy’s and he told me that even the judges called it a day and split early.

As I was walking around handing out tracts I saw a tractor-trailer un-loading some drag cars. I went over to look at them and saw the words, “Glanville Racing” on a couple of the cars. It was then that I saw Jerry Glanville, former head football coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

Evidently, the man is into racing cars now.

Mr. Glanville was talking cars, motors and drag strips while surrounded by people who wanted to get close to him. I walked on over and listened in for awhile while he pointed to this and that on his cars. There were way too many people talking and asking him questions to try to get a Trillion Dollar Bill into his hands at that point so I just walked around and handed out some more tracts until the crowds died down a little.

After about 30 minutes or so I spied him talking to just one fellow so I made a dash to get over there before he left or was surrounded again by more folks. “Hello Mr. Glanville, did you get your Obama stimulus money yet?” I asked him. He said hello and asked what it was. I told him it was a TDB that had a gospel tract on the back. I asked him if he would autograph one of them for me.

He said absolutely as long as he could keep one for himself. I told him I wouldn’t have it any other way! He signed a TDB for me and I gave him one to keep. Here’s the cool part…

He hollered at one of his crew members to come over because, “There’s a guy here handing out Obama stimulus money”. Well, he hollered it loud enough to turn everybody’s head that was in the immediate area and folks started coming over towards us. I handed his crew member a TDB and then another guy, and then another guy and so on and so on.

Pretty cool… Jerry Glanville just became a tool for me to get more TDB into more people’s hands!

No, I didn’t get a chance to go one to one with Mr. Glanville but he did put that TDB into his pocket. He thought the TDB was pretty cool and I’m sure sooner or later he’s going to read the back of that tract!


  1. thats sweet, great story!! thanks for sharing

  2. See what happens when it rains and you remain faithful to the cause?

    Great story Hot Dawg! Thanks for sharing!