18 April 2010

Taking the Gospel to a Car Show

His Feet on the Street ministry, along with some class members from the Way of the Master Intermediate Course, took the gospel of Jesus Christ to the first car show of the year in Canton, Georgia.

Including myself, we had a total of eleven folks come out to witness, hand out tracts and pray. After we had met at the designated meeting place, we prayed, grouped up and headed out.

My team partner for the afternoon was a bilingual man (Spanish/English) who is taking the WOTM course with the hope of being able to take what he learns back to his Spanish speaking home church.

There is a major Spanish speaking community in Cherokee County and having this new friend and brother in Christ along side with me was a huge obstacle breaker in reaching the Spanish speaking folks with the full gospel of Jesus Christ.

One of the conversations we had was with a father and his 17 year old son. As we were approaching them I noticed they were reading a money tract that one of our team members must have just given them. I said, "Looks like you guys already got your Trillion Dollar Bills." The father looked down at the money tract and said, "No, we only got a Million Dollar Bill." Not wanting him to feel he got gypped out billions of dollars, we walked over and showed them the TDB tract.

We chatted for a few minutes and I told them, as I handed each of them a ministry card, that we were out here as part of a project for my blog. We were asking people what they believed in, about their spiritual beliefs and general questions regarding God.

The father told me that he was a Roman Catholic. He went on to tell me that right now, he was very embarrassed and disgusted about the scandal that seems to be deeply rooted in the Catholic church. He talked about that for a few minutes and I turned the conversation back towards the things of God.

I asked him and his son if they thought there was a Heaven and Hell. He said, "of course" and said he wanted to tell me a joke. I asked if it was a clean joke and he told me that I would have to be the judge of that. Well, after he got to the end of the joke, it was a dirty joke. I just shook my head and went back to asking him and his son some questions.

(It's interesting that this man had a huge problem with the scandal in the Catholic church but had no problem telling us a dirty joke.)

The man's son ended up being the one the Holy Spirit directed my attention to. I took him through the law and it was very obvious he was being convicted. He was very concerned that, if he were to die that day, that he would indeed spend eternity in Hell. I showed him what God did for him so that he could have his sins forgiven and spend eternity in Heaven with his Creator.

I told him that God commanded him to repent of his sins and place his trust in Christ alone for his salvation. He couldn't earn his way into Heaven, he couldn't buy his way into Heaven and he couldn't work his way into Heaven. Only faith alone in Christ alone for salvation.

I said, "M", "What's stopping you today from repenting of your sins and putting your faith in Christ to save you?"


"Do you want to pray right now, right here?"

"Yes, I want to do that"

Just then, his father grabs his arm and starts pulling him away explaining that they had to go and meet someone.

As his father was pulling him away I said, "M", "Please re-read the back of that tract and remember what we talked about here today."


I pray that the Father draws "M" to Himself and I get to see him one day again in Heaven.

We had many more conversations in English and in Spanish during our time there and the Lord was with us for every one of them!

Here are some pictures from Saturday -

The picture below shows my wife witnessing to a couple who were "Born Christians". No, not born again Christians, but literally born Christians. My wife gently explained that we are not born Christian but become Christians through repentance and faith in Christ. She took them through the law and then grace.

Now here is my wife with the same couple but at a different angle. Notice the gentleman with his head bowed down. That's another member from our fishing team who happened to be close by when my wife was witnessing. One of our golden rules when we go out fishing is this; when your not witnessing or handing out a tract, be in prayer for someone who is. This team member spotted my wife in conversation and started praying for her and for the couple she was talking to. Awesome!

Here is my team partner witnessing to a Spanish speaking person. My partner was on fire Saturday and has a huge burden for the Spanish speaking community in our area.

Again, a slightly different angle shows one of our team members praying for my partner while I was taking the picture.

Another picture of my partner with some Spanish speaking youths.

Here's a shot of one of our prayer warriors. He is one of the most faithful men in our church and although he is a little uncomfortable at times speaking with folks, he loves to go with us and pray for us!

Here's a shot of one of my close friends (on the right) having a witnessing encounter.

Here's a pic of me with a young man who was trying to read the pressed Ten Commandments penny. I was very impressed with this gentleman. He has had quite a life in his 17 years. He has had many struggles and I know that God is working on bringing him to Himself.

Hey Ren, the offer still stands...you know how to reach me.

Here's a shot of a some of the fishing team comparing conversations.

I want to thank each and every person who came out and gave up some of their time to reach the lost in our community. I pray that God was glorified and that He uses every tract and every conversation to bring more souls into His Kingdom.

God bless all of you and thank you!


  1. And here I thought the guy in the background beside the red car (in the pic where your wife is speaking to the young couple) had his head downward because he was checking out the the cool hub caps on the front tire of the cool car. All the while, the man is praying! :)

    I love how you folks team up the way you do and share the gospel workload. May God continue to bless you in your efforts for the His Kingdom. Your prayer is my prayer for the receivers of His word that day through you.

    I give praise the Lord for your faithfulness!

  2. Praise God for those who are willing to go out, even just to pray!