20 June 2009

Car show evangelism

This Saturday my best friend (on the right) and I braved the 97+ degree weather to witness and hand out tracts at the local car show in Canton, Georgia.

There were plenty of people to talk to but the heat was brutal and we only got to talk to about 11 folks in all.

My buddy brought his two girls and a friend of theirs to help out in tracting. I brought along the camera and let the girls take pictures of our encounters and whatever else they felt was a good shot. The girls did an EXCELLENT job of taking pictures! Every shot was perfect and some were very creative.

We prayed, got some water and went fishing! Our first encounter was with a group of five young folks ranging from mid-teen to about twenty five years old.

We handed each one a Million Dollar Bill Gospel tract and then asked them the million dollar question..."If you guy's were to die today, where do you think you would spend eternity?"

Mostly the answers we got back were everything from 'I don't know' to 'That's a good question'.

When I took the group through the good person test, two of them bolted out of there pretty quick and the fellow sitting on the car became the one who answered the question and then had questions of his own.

When I asked him if God would find him innocent or guilty of breaking God's Commandments (sinning) when he died he said 'guilty'. When asked if he would go to Heaven or Hell he said 'somewhere in between; maybe'. He said that he would ask God for forgiveness. I told him that on the Day of Judgment there are no second chances to ask for forgiveness. I told him that it was appointed unto man once to die and then the Judgment.

He told me that, if that was the way it was going to happen, then he would be going to Hell.

He continued to ask me questions and we talked for several more minutes before I gave him the glorious Gospel.

Always keep in mind when your witnessing to who you feel is the main person of the conversation may not always be the person who God is moving to repentance.

Case in point with our next group of guys.

Notice the young man in the black sleeveless shirt. This guy, almost immediately, I could tell didn't want anything to do with the conversation. So I focused on him specifically and went through the good person test with the group but kept coming back to him when he would raise an objection or ask a question.

Now notice the young man in the red shirt.

After I went through the Law I could tell this guy's countenance changing and it was apparent to me at this point that the Law was working this guy over.

He continued to listen intently to the conversation I was having with black sleeveless shirt dude (when witnessing to a group, even though you may be focusing on someones questions or objections, be aware of the other folks in the group to see where God is moving) and it was obvious that the Holy Spirit was doing something.

By the time I got through the magnificent Gospel he seemed to be broken.

I fully went through repentance and trusting in Christ to save them like their life depended on it; because it did.

We spent a little more time talking with these guys before moving on.

We ended up talking to a few more people........

Looked at a few cool cars.......

But the image that keeps burning in my mind is of the young man in the red shirt on whom the Holy Spirit seemed to be working....

Thank you little ladies for the great pictures....thank you my friend for coming out and witnessing with me...and, most of all, thank you Father for leading us to these young folks today and for giving us the joy of doing your work in the field that is white for harvest. I pray that one day these folks we talked to and every one we handed a tract to, will have their names in the Lamb's Book of Life.


  1. I will keep those people in prayer.

  2. Wow! Nice going, guys. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. The girls did a great job documenting your witness. I, too, will pray for these men who seem to have been struck by the Spirit of God by your faithful work. Talk about taking the heat! Praise God!